Thank you to everyone who voted for me this year and helped me win the Black Weblog Award for Outstanding Online Activism. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners and to those who were finalists. Continue to produce great content and represent our people’s diversity online.

I hope to bring more of my work to you in the coming year. I have a really awesome initiative in the pipeline and will be calling on YOU to help me make the dream a reality.

Activism is activism. I was an activist before I was ever online (I’m old). Social media, online publications, my blog… all of these are ways in which I can spread my messages and galvanize more people into action, even if their actions aren’t focused on the issues that I prioritize. They’ve all made it easier to get the work done, but that doesn’t mean online spaces are the only places where the work is done.

My primary goal with my online presence is to inspire and motivate people to be citizens who contribute their energies and resources to making the world a better place. Follow your passions, do whatever little bit you can. If we all did just a bit, we would have an amazingly huge impact on the world. You CAN be a change agent in your community, even though you may believe that your one voice, one dollar, one protest means little or nothing– it does!!

Don’t give up. Too many people need you to speak up, speak out, and speak truth to power.

You have a voice.

Use it.



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