*Editor’s Note: I posted this 145lbs ago. I’m still a big girl tho!!!! #FatGirl4Life *fist pump*


In case you were unaware, Feminista Jones is a plus-sized woman. I’m a thickem, big girl, fat chic, hefty heifer, chub chub, fluffy, voluptuous, thunder-clapping ball of sexual seduction.

Mmmhmmm. And in case you didn’t know, sex with fat chics is unlike any experience you will ever have!!

Now, this is no shade to the slender, slim, skinny, fit, medium brawds; y’all are fine too. No hate or discrimination over here. But this post right here is for the big gals!

Fat chics are often overlooked because society equates “fat” with “ugly”. Fat people are viewed as lazy, gluttonous, and undisciplined, which are all traits people shun. I spend a lot of time on Twitter breaking down stereotypes and blowing people’s minds and perceptions about weight, obesity, etc. I’ve been online for about 13 years now and I tell you, there is no hate/opposition like that a confident plus-sized woman receives from every angle. How dare we have the audacity to love ourselves, feel pretty, and *gasp* have sex lives?!? How dare we attract men, get attention, and have dudes clamor to win our favor?!?! How dare we, fat ‘bitches’ that we are, dare assert ourselves, make our presence felt, and be unapologetic for who we are and how much space we take up?


Yeah, bitch, I’mma finish my plate in front of this man. All of it. And let him have me for dessert. You mad?

This post comes on the “eve” of me having weight loss surgery, so take this as my last opportunity to revel in the glory of my fat. I got an anonymous post from someone telling me that she was threatened by the fact that I’m about to have surgery because she felt that being slim was the one thing she had over me. Isn’t that something? I can’t blame her though, because society perpetuates that nonsense where slim women think they have a one-up over fat women. Well… fuck all of that!

Fucking a fat chic is the truth!! You heard me??


Five Reasons You Need to Put “Fuck A Fat Chick” On Your Bucket List

#5 You Have A Big Dick

If there is one complaint I get from my well-endowed brothers is that slimmer women can’t handle all the dick they slang. If you’re a brother with #BDS, one of the reasons you’re probably so highly wanted is because you shy away from smaller women, and they can’t figure out why. They see you out with bigger women, and when they put 2+2 together, they realize… you have a big ass dick! Oh. They *think* they can handle it, but after 10 strokes, bitches scream like Freddy Kreuger is slicing and dicing them. I know, I know, y’all are tired of only half of your dick getting in on the action.

But a fat chic? She looking over her shoulder like “Damn, man, I’m ready…. bring it!!” after you have worked up a sweat. I’ve actually had men tell me they didn’t want to fuck with me because they felt my size would make them feel inadequate, whereas smaller women (hands, pussies) didn’t mess with their egos. Yeah, well…. Fuck a fat chic to validate your #BDS (in this case, Big Dick Status). As much as we eat, we’re used to packing meat in our mouths and down our throats. Does your dick look like a fucking salad? Didn’t think so. Get you a woman unafraid to chow down a messy Italian sausage in front of you. Research, brothers.

#4 They Bring Home The Bacon

Literally. Rumor has it that men are highly, instinctively drawn to the smell of bacon. 92.47% of fat chics eat bacon at least once a week, so you know that shit is coming out through our pores. You love it! Follow the scent… *sniffffffff* Mmmmm Bacon Bit(che)s!!! Work her fat ass up into a sweat and you will be in bacony delight. Try it!!! Try not to think of me when you’re smelling bacon while you got her bent over.

#3 Fat Women Have Super Wet Mouths/Pussies

We spend a lot of time salivating over food… this keeps our mouths nice and moist. When you’re fucking our chubby faces, you have something to grab onto. I like to call them Northern Love Handles. They say big girls give better head, which is a stupid stereotype; we’re not all talented. However, our mouths are perpetually juicy. That’s real. When you’re heavier, your blood flows faster to accommodate for all the fat trying to kill you (I think) which means there is a lot of blood rushing to our soft, juicy, fat pussies. This creates sensitivity so every time we walk, every slight rub sparks some kind of moisture because our pussies are always sensitive. Finger-check a fat chic any time of day… her pussy is probably some kind of wet. Yup. Fat pussies stay moiiiist!!! All that damned rubbing, we make ourselves cum periodically during the day. Most of us don’t even recognize it, we’re so used to it. Fat girl nut everywhere….

#2 Big Gals Are Warm And Soft And Great Exercise!!

If I had $1 for every man that has sang praises to my thighs in the winter time… I’d, well… nevermind. There is nothing like wrapping yourself in the cushiony warmth of a fat chic’s rolls. Soft, cuddly, sweat, pillowy… we are everything you dream about when you dream about sleeping on clouds smelling like sweet syrup. Word is bond, you can save on your heating bill too!!

The sweat you will work up having to satisfy a fat chic will help you save on your gym membership. A fat chic will make you WORK for that nut. She will look at you like “Is that all you got? Well damn!!” and roll her eyes so quick. Ego blown. You know you have to dig way deep in your physical reserves and bring your A+++ game the second round. You’ll be bending her legs back over her head (yes, we are super flexible) and pumping away, sweat dripping down your face and she will take her fat fingers and wipe it away for you. Fat chics care. Then, when you get behind her while she is on her knees, that big ole ass will slap back and throw itself back at you, damned near knocking you off the bed. Lucky for you, the Southern Love Handles are there for you to hold on and ride her ass into the sunset. Fuck P90x… get you some Big Girl Lovin’!!


#1 The After-nut Sandwich/Breakfast Will Be Everything!!

No shade to slimmer women, because I know some of y’all can cook… but there is nothing like the meal a fat chic makes after a man has truly put it down in the sack. If you prove you can handle her in all of her chubby glory, she is going to make it known how appreciative she is… with food. If it’s mid-day to late afternoon, it will likely be the best fucking sandwich you ever had. Why? A fat chic’s fridge and cupboards stay stocked. She will pull out all the good shit. If it’s late night or a bootycall, and she lets you stay until morning, you will not be able to ever again match the fluffiness of those eggs and the crispiness of that… you guessed it… bacon!!

You will never…. be hungry… again!!!

What other reasons do YOU have that fucking a fat chic should be on every man’s bucket list??

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  1. I really appreciate the candor and humor you display in each of your posts. Your unique perspective combined with educational tidbits and humor make for informative and knee-slapping reads ! Keep up the good work and I look forward to reading more of your blog entries ! Also, before I go, I would like to.proclaim I am a unapologetic big girl.lover and doesnt give a Fuck who dislikes it !

  2. What part of thiiiiiiis ain’t true? OMG… 3 HAS ME ROLLING! LOL yeah, I really like the comfort of sniffing my jones in betwixt those thighs, yo. Big women + bad winter = bed warming.

  3. If she is has a cute face and she has a cool personality I’ll will holla. Plus-sized or not. I just wished that Plus-sized women had more confidence in themsleves. The ones that I have meet have either been too full of themselves or not enough confidence in themselves but, I think that’s just women in general.

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