Ask Feminista: My Girl’s Too Sexually Sensitive

Dear FJ, I met my girlfriend in college and we’ve been together for 5 years now. I love her to death but there’s one part of our relationship that drives me nuts: Our sex life is awful. She’s not multiorgasmic and she becomes very sensitive after one orgasm. If she can last for two then […]

Ask Feminista: How Young Is Too Young?

Dear Feminista,   Hi, I’m a nineteen year-old college sophomore and I really need your relationship advice! I just got out of a relationship with my first boyfriend of over a year a couple months ago and I was devastated initially because I felt like he was the one, I wouldn’t have to worry about looking […]

Ask Feminista: Conflicted Cat Chaser

Dear Feminista,   I’m writing you as somewhat of an extension of your Chase The Cat video.  I loved it and I thought it was spot on. Thinking about the last day or so I found I do have a question that wasn’t necessarily addressed. I’m 22 and very interested in someone 10-12 years older […]

Ask Feminista: STDs, BDSM, WTF… Oh My!

So… I forgot to change the contact information on the “Ask Feminista“ page and missed SO many of your questions. GAH!!! I’m a weirdo. Anyway, I’m answering some of them now. Some of you ask me similar questions, so I hope you can extract some help from the ones I’m using. Without further ado…   […]

Black Weblog Awards Nominations (2012) #VoteForFJ

This year, I’ve been nominated for TWO Black Weblog Awards: Best Sex and Relationships Blog Best Writing In a Blog For those who are new to following me and/or reading this blog, I figured I’d put together some samples of why I think I should win in either of these categories. My hope is that […]