An Interview w/ @ReaganGomez #SurvivingTheDead #TWiBNation

I love having a podcast. I get to talk to my fans and remain engaged with a live medium that makes me feel more human lol TWiB: After Dark welcomed actress, writer, and producer, Reagan Gomez, to the show recently and we had a chance to talk about her latest series, “Surviving The Dead”, a […]

Feminista Jones on @ExhaleTV Discussing Sex-Positive Feminism

  I had the honor of being invited to participate in this wonderful show with Issa Rae, Rene Syler, and Erin Jackson (with other guests Tracey Ellis Ross, Sahar Simmons, and Kimberle Crenshaw). It was a wonderful discussion and I’m so glad to bring the message of sex-positive feminism to the entire country. I hope […]

#TalkLikeSex Keri Hilson Says ‘Get Tested!’

I met with Keri Hilson and Dr. Rachel to discuss HIV Testing Awareness Day for First observed in 1995, National HIV Testing Day (NHTD) promotes HIV testing and encourages people to learn their HIV status. According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 20% of all people living with HIV are unaware they have the virus, are not […]

Guest Spot on @HuffPostLive as a #SocialFitness Finalist in the 5th Annual Shorty Awards

I was so excited to be invited to speak about the Shorty Awards and the importance of Social Media today via Google + Despite later technical difficulties, I had a blast and am excited to attend the Shorty Awards and hopefully bring home a Social Fitness win! Check out the complete segment here  

Feminista Jones on Dr. Oz!!

You never know who is reading your Tweets… Direct Link to the Show page “One viewer’s sexy Twitter feed comes to life with help from Dr. Oz! She believes in being open and honest about everything – online and off. Learn why her tweets have her feeling more confident than ever.”        

I’m Becoming A Political Junkie

I’ve enjoyed this presidential election season and have been actively participating in the live-tweeting of both the Republican and Democratic National Conventions. I’m clearly a super left liberal, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching everything unfold.  I truly enjoy the discourse we have on Twitter about what’s being said, who is saying it, and what […]

It’s Not Every Day You Get To Meet An Idol

“If everyone is a product of this society, who will say the things that need to be said, and do the things that need to be done, without compromise? Truth will never start out popular in a world more concerned with marketability than righteousness. It will initially suffer ridicule and even violence- yet ultimately it […]