The Rules of Threesomes (feat. X.D. of

I teamed up with friend and fellow blogger, X.D. of The XD Experience to bring you all some very important rules of engagement when considering and/or participating in threesomes. I hope you enjoy and learn a few things.

I’m a Porn Star… In My Head

Last night, I had the opportunity #54739583783 to reflect on my sexuality. I was horny as fuck, laying naked in my bed, reminiscing on my most recent sexual experience.  I thought about what I did and what I could have done to make things better. I’m always looking for ways to improve so that not […]

F.R.E.A.K. Series [Pt. 2]: “Fear the Freak”

Before you watch this video, let me explain its relevance to KSFem. Before a woman can become comfortable enough with a man that she decides to invest the time, energy, and emotion into catering to his needs in the 3Fs, she needs to become comfortable with herself. If you want that blowjob in the morning, […]

F.R.E.A.K. Series [Pt. 1]: “Find Your Freak”

I’ve decided to do a series of posts all related to the corny acronym I created out of the word “FREAK”: Feminine Revelation (in) Eroticism And Kink. Ha! You like it. Admit it. *cheese* (I’m clearly getting my Rev Run on) These posts will be focused primarily on all things related to women becoming more in […]