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#StraightOuttaCompton (Weekly Periscope Chat)

Finally found a way to save my Periscope chats, so here is the latest on the new movie Straight Outta Compton about infamous rap group, N.W.A.

Help FJ Get Reinstated on Facebook (#FJIsReal) ACTION: 7/31/15 12:00pm EST)

Hey hey hey good people Someone reported me on Facebook for not using a “real” name. That’s really the only way they catch onto folks like this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an organized effort by some folks. If you go to my page on Facebook, you’ll see this:   I have about […]

Bill Cosby (Weekly Periscope Chat)


Hello, hello Catch it while you can! 53 minutes of waxing prolific about Bill Cosby here. Check out my articles about Bill Cosby in TIME and BlogHer if you miss the video XOXO,  

BeBe’s Kids: Live-Tweet Friday, April 24, 8pm EST


I was overjoyed to discover that one of my favorite movies of ALL time is now on Netflix and available to stream.   Bebe’s Kids (1992) To impress his new girlfriend, a man agrees to look after her friend’s kids, only to find that they are uncontrollably rambunctious. Conceived by the late, great Robin Harris during […]

#WomensLives Working Mom =/= Part-Time Mom


I work 7 days a week. I begin with this because it is important that people understand the scope of my work, its importance, and why I am so committed to what I do. I help people in various ways, and in doing this work, I believe I’m contributing towards making the world a better […]

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