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Feminista Jones PAID Intern Search — Help Me Out!!

I need an intern!!! I’m looking for a bright, driven, intern to help me get my life together. This is a PAID, task-based position– you will be paid per assignment. IDEAL Candidate is: A resident of New York City or Philadelphia (or surrounding areas) A college student (COMM majors, social work major, community organizing majors […]

The Inability To Accept”No”

I’m offered asked to appear on shows, give interviews, opine on issues, and such. I cannot do everything, so I occasionally have to decline. Most people are gracious and understanding of the demands on my times. There are times, however, when some people simply cannot accept “No” for an answer. I’m posting this because I’m […]

Complete Man’s Guide To Surviving The Superbowl

It’s that dreaded time of year again… Superbowl Sunday!! Image: Alex Murphy via Flickr Yeah, yeah, I know fellas… you absolutely cannot stand football and have no idea why women seemingly lose their minds when the so-called biggest Sunday of the year rolls around. Sometimes, you just have to grin and bear it, and accept […]

The Day I Gave In And Got Petty

It’s been a while since I’ve written from a place where I’m letting my emotions run free. I’m sure I’ll edit this a bit after I finish writing (I did, I removed several screenshots of abusive, bullying tweets), as I feel it might be a purge of sorts. Since I’ve begun writing on a more […]

#PrinceDay 55 Years Of Amazement and Wonder (GIFs)

        I love Prince You know this Just taking a moment to show my eternal love on the 55th anniversary of the time the gods saw fit to finally allow him to join us on this Earth. Happy Birthday. Purple Love. Always.           Extra LoveableĀ One of the hardest […]

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