Check Out My New Webinar Series!!

Greetings!! I decided to do a series of webinars to share some of my knowledge, experience, and expertise with people who want to increase their own knowledge base and skills. These webinars will be limited to 20-25 people per class and will be conducted via Zoom conferencing (Click here for technological requirements) Cost: $25 General […]

Feminista Jones Named Among @BuzzFeed’s “13 Badass Women” of 2017

Last year, I issued a simple challenge to all women: The next time a man compliments you, agree with him. I posited that it would “piss a man off” because of my own experiences and reports from other women. Immediately, women began reporting and sharing screenshots of how men reacted from rudely to damn near […]

…Then Fall, Caesar

Popping pills regularly, faithfully Saw the word, still didn’t believe Can’t be me Not now, not yet Took another test Damn… But, everything happens for a reason right? Alright *deep breath* We’re doing this Not 100% sure of the whys, whats, or hows but Here we are Maybe we can celebrate? Maybe, before someone snatches […]

We Have Not Had Nearly Enough “Slave Movies”

I was born about three years after Alex Haley’s Roots: The Saga of An American Family was published and about two years after the novel transformed into a ground-breaking, 9-time Emmy-winning, made-for-television miniseries. Its first run aired for eight consecutive nights and made history by attracting the largest viewership of any series in American history. Over half […]