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Feminista Jones on @HuffPostLive “Did Media Fail Women in 2013?”

Hey everyone!! I got to do another exciting panel with awesome women about media portrayal in 2013! Jen Siebel Newsom @JenSiebelNewsom (San Francisco, CA) Founder & CEO, The Representation Project Marianne Schnall @marianneschnall Founder & Executive Director,; Author of “What Will It Take to Make a Woman President? Conversations About Women, Leadership and Power” Lisa Belkin @lisabelkin (Westchester, NY) HuffPost Senior Columnist […]

In Support of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism

I came across this blog which had a well-crafted statement about the importance of upholding trans-inclusive feminism and womanism. I signed the statement and am reposting it here. Go to the blog and sign if you support (leave name in comments)   A Statement of Trans-Inclusive Feminism and Womanism We, the undersigned trans* and cis […]


June  is Guest Blogger Month here at FeministaJones.Com . I solicited a few bloggers, writers, poets, etc to contribute posts lending their perspectives and experiences on feminism, race, mental health, sexuality, relationships, liberation, sex, and everything this blog is about. I hope you enjoy their contributions as much as I have. If you’re interested in […]

#TalkLikeSex You, Me and He: Does Polygamy Work? on @ebonymag

Never judge a relationship simply by the two people you see. However unlikely, there could be four or five more people waiting in the wings to round out a happy family. Such is the life of polyamorous folks… and yes, Black people do engage in polyamory. Whenever the topics of open relationships and polyamory come up, one of […]

Is Male Bisexuality Really Real? on @ebonymag #TalkLikeSex

Clive Davis, the music industry legend known for discovering Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, recently announced (at 80) that he is bisexual, sparking conversations in many circles about the legitimacy of bisexuality among men. Even as we see an increase in the acceptance of people who identify themselves in terms that don’t include “heterosexual” in entertainment and […]

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