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One Year After #NMOS14, We Will Have #NoMoreSilence

sandra bland

I wanted to do something to commemorate the anniversary of the historic event: The National Moment of Silence (2014), which took place on August 14, 2014. Called #NMOS14 on social media, the event gathered together hundreds of thousands of people across 42 of the United States of America and 5 countries in over 119 vigils […]

Feminista Jones on the @CombatJack Show (July 2015)


Hey hey hey beloveds I was invited to join Combat Jack and Premium Pete for a great conversation about, well, everything! We discuss Push The Button (and BDSM/Kink), mental health and social work, women in hip-hop music and culture, activism and social justice work, divorce and co-parenting, and of course, sex and sexuality. The response […]

“Born Free”– A New Short Story by Feminista Jones


From May 31 to June 1, 1921, Greenwood, a district of Tulsa, Oklahoma (also known as “Black Wall Street”) was overtaken by riots  that broke out as residents rebelled against racist terrorism. Lives were forever changed, in ways regrettably untold. “Born Free” is the story of one young person’s journey of survival and transformation as […]

“Teach Your 5-Year-Old Daughter to Smile” and Other Fatherly Advice

“So men can’t talk to women on the street anymore? How are people supposed to meet and get married?” “What’s wrong with wanting to see a woman smile if she looks upset?” “We can’t compliment women anymore?” “What’s wrong with ‘God bless you’? That’s a problem now??” “Aren’t men supposed to acknowledge when a woman […]

“I Believed In Freedom”

Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa

There is a movement underway and it is unlike any we have experienced as a people before. While there are some rumblings of misguided actions of the past, there is an energy that is not quieting down and a fight that isn’t going anywhere. Out of this movement comes a lot of art that will […]

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