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For Black Women, Enjoying Sex is a Revolutionary Act of Resistance

Last year, I saw the Academy Award-winning movie by director Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, based on the true story of Solomon Northup, a free Black man kidnapped and sold into slavery in the mid-19th century. The movie presents the most honest, albeit heartbreaking, portrayals of American slavery that we’ve ever seen on film, and […]

Wondering What Life Is Like After #WLS?

I’m starting a new series on BlogHer about living life after having Weight Loss Surgery. Hope you check it out In June 2011, I had weight loss surgery to aid in my journey towards losing half of my body weight. Having peaked at 406lbs in college (maybe more, but that was the last recorded weight […]

For Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Remember That Love Doesn’t Hurt

Love does not hurt you Love fills you with strength and beauty Love knows no abuse -FJ The first time someone I (thought I) loved slapped me, I was stunned into silence. I was 16, he was 24, and while there were so many things wrong with our pairing, the physical and emotional abuse were […]


Fun times with my girl, Bassey, on the airwaves, discussing everything from hip-hop to mental health. From the show host: Hands down this has to be one of our favorite shows thus far. We rep for the ladies w/ an all female MC and artist show. Blogger and internet personality Feminista Jones ( joins us […]

While My Sisters Gently Weep on @BlogHer

I wrote a piece for about the mental health of Black women amid onslaughts of attacks in the media, in our communities, our jobs, within our families, etc. I stood in the dark solace of my kitchen with my hands clenched tightly against the sink. My teeth dig into my lower lip as the […]

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