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#TWiBad Season 2: We’re Back!

After a brief late summer hiatus, the podcast I co-host with Njail Rhee (a.k.a Blasian Bytch) is back for a new season. We decided that think of them as seasons, for reasons lol Anyway, you can catch up on all the past episodes and subscribe to the feed so you never miss another one!  

Feminista Jones on @huffpostlive Discussing #BlackTwitter and Online Activism

Had a great time on HuffPostLive discussing #BlackTwitter and online activism with Dr. Goddess, Rosa Clemente, Tara Colney, and Sam Foster, hosted by Marc Lamont Hill. Check it out

Guest Spot on @HuffPostLive as a #SocialFitness Finalist in the 5th Annual Shorty Awards

I was so excited to be invited to speak about the Shorty Awards and the importance of Social Media today via Google + Despite later technical difficulties, I had a blast and am excited to attend the Shorty Awards and hopefully bring home a Social Fitness win! Check out the complete segment here  

Feminista Jones on #TBGWT The Black Guy Who Tips

Hey!!! Rod and Karen asked me to come back on the show and talk a bit about what things have changed since the last time I was on. They show me so much love and support, how could I say “No”? I love this couple and we had a GREAT conversation. We talked about my […]

Guest Appearance: Feminista Jones on Sex, Love, and Hip Hop with @SinnamonLove

I had the pleasure and honor of being invited to participate in a discussion about men, particularly “Mama’s Boys” and “Baby Boys”. I had a wonderful time!! Johnny Walker Black was in the cup, great hip-hop was in the headphones, and a lively discussion was had by all. We talked about everything from the aforementioned […]

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