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Recipe: Strawberry Nutella Cheesecake


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a recipe here, since I’ve been using Instagram to do that more. Follow me there: FeministaJones You guys know how much I LOVE Nutella, and I got the baking bug. Weird, because I don’t bake, at least not pastries. I don’t have enough of a sweet tooth to […]

Recipe: Curried Chicken Burger


Ahhh another recipe with my favorite spice: Curry. I’ve been asked to provide more healthy food options, so I’m listening to you guys and making adjustments. This recipe is for a curried chicken burger. Beef is really not the best thing to eat, but who doesn’t love a good burger, right? I came up with […]

Recipe: Vegetable Lasagna (FJ Remix)


So, my readers got tired of my bacon obsession? Why the hate, man? LOL I was asked to do a dish for the vegetarians. I didn’t want to do my standard vegetable lasagna, so I mixed it up a bit and did a bit of deconstruction of lasagna. Not completely, though, because…well… it is still […]

Recipe: Bacon Chili Quesadilla


OK OK OK I know that I post the most decadent things, but that’s what I love cooking when I cook for cooking’s sake. I can’t help it. I’m creating here… let me cook!! Don’t ask me how or why I came up with the idea for this, but I did and here it is! […]

Recipe: Grilled Bananas In Coconut Caramel Sauce


June 2012 is Guest Blogger Month here at FeministaJones.Com . I solicited a few bloggers, writers, poets, etc to contribute posts lending their perspectives and experiences on feminism, sexuality, relationships, liberation, sex, and everything this blog is about. I hope you enjoy their contributions as much as I have.   Grilled Bananas & Coconut Caramel […]

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