Before you watch this video, let me explain its relevance to KSFem.

Before a woman can become comfortable enough with a man that she decides to invest the time, energy, and emotion into catering to his needs in the 3Fs, she needs to become comfortable with herself.

If you want that blowjob in the morning, evening, when you get home from work, during the game, etc. your woman needs to feel comfortable enough in her sexuality to do that for you. If you want your woman to “keep it tight” and keep it spicey in the “fucking” area, you need to support her efforts to find her freak and nurture it. If you are the type of guy who perpetuates and sustains the status quo when it comes to expectations of women (sexually), you can’t turn around and be in the Amen Corner when I talk to women about how they should be fucking you. It won’t work.

Enjoy the video.


10 thoughts on “F.R.E.A.K. Series [Pt. 2]: “Fear the Freak””

  1. Theres a level of immaturity when it comes to sexuality and relating to the other sex that seems to be the basis for this discussion.

    If we call it that….theres only one thing we can do with immaturity, and that is to teach it how to be mature.

    Once thats done…then they may be called MEN…otherwise..they are just yng men or boys in their mind.

    Good Post

    1. Thank you.
      I agree it is part immaturity. But we can’t ignore socialization and its effect on our collective psyche. Even some men who appear so enlightened in other areas uphold these silly notions because society does. No one calls them on it because its so readily accepted by both men AND women.

      It’s a mess.

  2. great post! on the numbers issue, i recently saw a survey from who said that abt 78% of men think that a woman is promiscuous once she reaches her 10th partner. that’s wild to me.

    1. That is bananas!!! This is why women LIE about the # of partners they have had. Men lie too. But no one should feel compelled to lie about their sexual past. That can be SO dangerous. SMH.

      To me, promiscuity is about the reason for sex, not the # of partners.

      We have to stop this mess.

  3. The number ….. right….

    I have no idea what my number is. I stopped counting @ 13 and that was at 24. I am now 38.


    Thankfully I am not one of the women who finds men with Madonna/whore issues, or I don’t want my wife to do that. I did have a man tell me once that I cum too much.


  4. Help me understand this, what exactly is the point of sleeping with alot of people to findout what you like and don’t like when at the end of the day you’re only going to marry one person anyway. It’s a must to sleep with so many to find you sexuality and then in turn where does morals and ethics come in. Society made it seem like all is acceptable but does our Creator say it’s acceptable. Quite honestly females can do what they want but at the end of the day the only judgement you should worry about is our Fathers. I’m not here to preach or even look for agreement. And you cab judge what I say all you care to but at least think about it first.

    1. 1. Is the recommendation to sleep with a lot of people? I don’t believe so…

      2. Is marriage the end all be all objective for everyone? I don’t believe so…

      3. Does everyone subscribe to the same beliefs and “morals”? I don’t believe so…

      Thanks for your response, but I think you missed the point


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