Feedback/ Love!

Since starting this blog, I’ve received some positive feedback from my readers. A lot of it talks about how I’ve helped them improve their lives in some way. It makes me feel good to know that my words help others and it is why I continue to do this. Here’s some of the love!



Dear Feminista Jones,

I am writing you personally to thank you for your website. It is refreshing to see you on your journey to finding your true self on your own terms. I wanted to e-mail you sooner but I have been extremely busy. I posted a comment a few weeks ago under your post about women being single due to their bitchiness, but it may have been deleted when I had to get rid of my own blog due to both employment and volunteer opportunities.
I am currently a nursing student in New Orleans (after having spent 4 years in Maryland post-Katrina) with hopes of becoming a pediatric ophthalmology nurse. I love kids and ophthalmology is my medical passion. I, like you, have had my share of life’s struggles (caring for two sick parents simultaneously tops the list), but I emerged confident and comfortable in my own skin. It is my hope that you continue to forge your path to freedom, not just sexually but in all areas of your life. The moment when you realize that it’s okay to see the world in your own special way and be both respected and loved for it is the greatest gift of all. My world is complete and I hope that yours will be as well. Thank you for sharing your viewpoint with the masses. Most don’t have the courage to say how they really feel, not even to themselvesB.H.

Just a note to say hello and to reach out. I got hip to the blog
because we were both mentioned in a tweet – I checked it out and I
appreciate your voice; it’s honest and pretty frank. I’m a newly
single black man with a story (we all do, I suppose) and your advice
really hit home. Just a note to say that I appreciate your efforts, and will be
checking in with you.– T.H.


Today I accidently unfollowed you. Let me tell you, it upset me so. Panicked, I rushed to re-follow you. I was a bit scared that you weren’t accepting new followers. Im glad that you were. I love the life your comments give my TL. You have got to be my fave person to follow. I love your insightful, thought-provoking comments. Your intelligence surpasses obvious education. You’re just fuckin cool! The bees-knees, if you will. Be encouraged in whatever undertakings you endeavor.  Peace & Blessings!!!G.T.

Good morning, I came across yours tweets through a mutual friend and I found them thoughtful and funny.  I then went to your blog and discovered your writings and musings and I found them to be bright and engaged.  Keep it up! — P.S.

Fantastic blog!!! I enjoying reading it. You are a great communicator. — L.B.


I read your post on your site, Real Talk, and I gotta say…it really hit home for me. Luckily for me, I’m in a relationship that has sorta made room for me to go through my transition. Before I met my partners, I’d hit a breaking point in that I was considering abstaining from sex for as long as it took for me to transition beyond being involved in ho shit and rebuilding my self-esteem. I had reached the point where I knew I needed to grow but I didn’t have a blueprint for how to go about it, and they really helped me. I, too had expended way too much of myself, my time and my feelings for people who didn’t deserve it, and I needed to let go of them and focus on healing myself. I’d been damaged from past lovers and sex with ain’t-shit people to the point that I was emotionally unavailable to people. Like, they’d get to know me, but not all of me. And as much as I wanted to be partnered up with someone, I had to step back and assess the type of men and people I’d attract to myself. Your post brought the truth, as always. It was really brave of you to share that much of yourself with others. So, on behalf of the rest of the Aries women out there, thanks!– P.R.


Your voice is a unique and strong one. I applaud your bravery and openness. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself, in spite of the negativity some throw your way. You are an inspiration!-S.V.


In this world there are not enough voices of women that embrace being different.   It may be the calendar year 2012, but it may as well be 1312 for as far as the group think of womankind has progressed.  It matters that one of us stands up and refuses to be compartmentalized.  For each one that stands up and speaks out it emboldens three others to loosen their grip on what society tells us we SHOULD be and allows us to embrace who we are.  That is important and that matters. I would say that you are needed.- N.B.
I want to start of by saying I absolutely love your blog and tweets, especially when it comes to standing up for women embracing ALL of their sexuality and not being bound by others opinions and judgements. Your blog has been one of the channels through which I have grown to accept my sexuality without fear of men’s label’s and hypocritical judgements. I cheered when you wrote about men not embracing theirs and chosing a conservative woman and later trying to drag her along to his true sexual self. All of the best to you, and may you continue to be blessed. I love seeing women thrive in all aspects of life, and you are definately one of inspiration. -  C.B.

I’ve never written a fan letter before, but for some reason I really feel compelled to do so. 
I just recently have read some of your blogs and watched your featured video on your blog site. I’ve read your ideas of monogamy and your other blog about the assumptions of it. I must say I have consciously felt what you have said but never really explored my clear view of it. I know I am monogamous and why I am, however, I never explored the whole meaning of it. Although I was never closed minded about it and simply agreed to societies say on the matter. 
Anyway, I really enjoyed your blog about it and agree with a lot of what you wrote. I also really like the fact that you don’t push your opinions out there in a way that that your opinion is right and no other is, but merely state them, support them, and are open to any debate (although you cover a lot of aspects and define anything that needs a clear definition before discussing it further. Which I really appreciate and absolutely love). 
I could just be ranting but your blogs really affected me. I do look forward to reading more of them. I am simply writing because anyone who puts this much work and thought into topics should know when her work is appreciated. I do appreciate how you write, what you write, and your strong opinions (as well as your humor in your video). Keep them up! -H.G.
Huge fan of the blog and your tweets.. Your tweets and dialogue have been super, super inspirational, thought-provoking, and have really opened my eyes to so many things going on in a tough time in my life as I go through a separation after 5.5 years of marriage. - S.M
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