Check out my guest article for Dope Era Magazine, reflecting on the #MeToo Movement and the future of intersectional feminism’s work to combat sexual harassment and violence against women.

Excerpt: “Black female victims of sexual harassment and assault are rarely deemed worthy of empathy and support and so they rarely get it. Many accuse them of being the provocateurs while others deny anything even happened to them—why would anyone want to harass or assault them? And others are less willing to indict Black men, the most likely perpetrators of such acts, who they feel have “made it”. From singers to athletes, few Black male celebrities have been held publicly and criminally for their crimes against girls and women, mainly because their victims are mostly Black. And when the victims are White, as with the case of Bill Cosby, accused of sexually assaulting over 40 women, many will cite racism as the reason those men are being charged with sexual crimes.”

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