Feminista Jones on the Jennifer Keitt Show in Atlanta (KISS 104)

I was so excited to be invited to join radio host, Jennifer Keitt, on her show “Friend, Freak, or Forever Lady”

Let me say that I definitely appreciated her invitation and the opportunity to voice my opinion. That’s first and foremost.


I was totally annoyed by the other panelists and their views about women and sex and dating and such. Any time I hear “relationship coach”, I want to throw things. Unless you’re a psychologist, social worker, or the like, I’m not really interested in your “data” and what you’ve “studied”. Asking ya homies or ya church family for answers to simplistic questions means nothing.

Some of my followers told me that maybe it was because of the culture in Atlanta or the south. While I know there is no need to generalize, I realize that there are just certain factions of our population that hold onto truly archaic, misogynistic views of women and sexuality, especially within relationships.

I felt like I was on my own team, but I held it down. I think. When they let me get a word in.

If anything, the experience reinforced my energy and passion to continue doing what I do. I want to keep speaking, keeping reaching people, keep challenging people to think beyond their narrow confines and step out of their comfort zones. I want women to feel empowered to make decisions about their sexuality for themselves without feeling they have to remain quiet or sacrifice fulfillment to please men. I want women to feel comfortable expressing themselves without being slapped with oppressive labels designed to keep their sexuality locked away and only for use by men who decide to set them free.

I’m so tired of this same ole, same ole. Why are all of these “relationship experts” men?? YUCK!!

Listen here for more. Tell me what you think :)

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One Response to “Feminista Jones on the Jennifer Keitt Show in Atlanta (KISS 104)”

  1. Denise says:

    Oh lordy…words like “promiscuity” and “good girl” aren’t limited by how archaic-thinking (and quite misogynistic) men apply them. *growling*

    It’s also put in similar terms *by parents* — which means those gender “expectations” from parents are continuing to perpetuate themselves across young men and women.

    That notion that “there is a ‘freak’ in all women…and that the ‘right man’ can bring it out”…oh my gawd…I couldn’t listen beyond that. I HAD to turn it off because I wanted to lambaste that guy for *affirming* such idiocy.

    Until a woman learns how to bring her SELF to a place of being a “freak” (in the sense that it was presented in that show), then it will never really matter what *any* man does with/for her. Until a woman can come into her OWN and not give a flying rat’s hind end what societal expectations ARE of her, and unify all three “facets” (friend, freak, forever), and say “fuck off” to people who would deign to judge, then she will never find satisfaction in another human being…because she isn’t able to find it within herself…which has to be in place first.

    And I’ll tell ya, FJ, I wish I would have figured THAT truth out 20 years ago. Would’ve saved me a LOT of heartache with a couple of men who still cater to the madonna/whore mentality. *sigh*

    My hat’s off to ya, though. I think you held your own marvelously, at least up to the point where I had to turn it off.

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