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Tomorrow, August 17, 2012 at 1pm EST, there will be an hour-long Twittter-Chat (#VoteReady hashtag) about changes to Voter ID laws and ways we can help encourage young people (30 and under) to actively engage in the political process via voting.


Read more about the #VoteReady movement from IMPACT Director Joe Briggs


IMPACT, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage and build a network of young professionals of color to increase political involvement and enhance economic empowerment opportunities, has launched the #VoteReady campaign in partnership with several nonprofit, nonpartisan organizations. This movement is designed to increase voter education and engagement among college students, young professionals and those disproportionately affected by voter disenfranchisement laws. The ultimate goal is to prepare, engage, and educate citizens by informing them about what they need to be #VoteReady.

IMPACT will work to ensure that Americans, specifically students and young professionals, have the resources needed to be #VoteReady on Nov. 6. In accordance with this goal, we have developed a #VoteReady tool kit to help college students organize town hall events to educate and empower peers, colleagues and community members.

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Scheduled participants:

@teamIMPACT (and all of their team members)

@LawyersComm and @866OURVOTE


@ColorOfChange (@CharleneCAC)



I’m also having a giveaway!!

TWO tweeters will be randomly selected to receive iTunes gift cards after tomorrow’s chat.

You MUST follow @teamIMPACT and RT at least 10 of the tweets from the #VoteReady chat. Those are the only stipulations. Of those who do that, 2 will be randomly selected. So get out there and RT RT RT!!!

Also, I’m going to follow 5 of the most participatory tweeters. Show me your dedication to getting people out there to vote and I’ll be glad to have you on my team #PurpleArmy.

Hope to see you there!!!



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  1. I will do my best to be online with you & others during that hour. SUCH an important topic (and am looking for ideas to help encourage my eldest kiddo & his friends active in participating in the voting process).

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