Thank you to everyone who voted for this blog for the Black Weblog Awards!!

Today it was announced that I won “Best Writing In A Blog“!!!

Allow me a moment to express my gratitude…

I wrote my first complete story when I was 7. It was about a Princess who had AIDS. This was in early 1987. My mom had become quite involved in early HIV/AIDS activism, so she talked to me about it, in language a young child could understand. It inspired me to write a story about a Princess who had AIDS and still fell in love with a Prince who loved her for who she was. Ok, listen, I was an only child with an active imagination. I feel your judgments…lol

Since then, I’ve always wanted to be a published, respected, well-known writer. I’ve worked at it in various ways, but ultimately took what turned out to be a five-year break. I only recently got back into writing for real in early 2010. This blog was created later that same year. It has grown and evolved over time, as my focus has changed and my objectives have become clearer. My writing has begun to better reflect who I am and what I am about. People don’t always agree with my points of view or even like my personality… but few people, if any, will say that I’m a bad writer. That is important to me. I want people to respect the quality of my writing, which is everything to me.

Some of you have been following since Day 1. When I had less than 200 followers, you were there reading my tweets and this funny blogs. You shared my work, encouraged me, and got other people to pay attention. Many of you came along at various points, either because you got wind of a blog post or a tweet rant. While some have left, most of you have stayed and provided a level of support that I could never imagine would be possible.

You’ve been paying attention. You know that this year has been amazing for me. A large part is a result of seeds I’ve sowed and am now reaping. The rest has been because of YOU guys and YOUR support. You vote for me, donate money, share my work, you send me gifts, you tell your friends, family, and colleagues. You recommend me for TV show appearances, you help me network and connect me with important people. You send me writing opportunities that lead to me being published. You look out for me. You send me encouraging emails, showing me love and support.

Followers =/= Supporters. This is fact. What is also fact is that I have some of the most AMAZING supporters one could hope for.

I thank you, #PurpleArmy, for holding a sista down and keeping it real with me.

This is for YOU.




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