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Honored to be featured on Ms. Magazine blog in The Feminisphere as a fitness blogger. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my journey to becoming healthier and the creation of the #SexyShred community!

Thank you for the feature! I’m honored 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Feminista Jones Featured on @msmagazine: #SexyShred, Fitness, and Feminism”

  1. Just saw your Salon article on Lilly Allen and read the byline at the bottom and, when I saw social worker, I knew I had to check out your blog! I’m in the middle of getting my MSW and probably won’t peruse at any great lengths until next month after the semester wraps up, but I wanted to say I really appreciated your take on the music video. While my biggest area of interest is mental health, I’ve found myself getting more and more drawn into the feminism arena, advocating for a change from the “rich white women’s” battle to the inclusive battle we should have been fighting all along…but anyway. Loved the article and will be checking out your blog when the dust settles here in Houston. 🙂

    Paige R

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