My name is Feminista Jones… and I love football.

I’m an avid, rabbid, totally engaged JETS fan. Gang Green For Life!!!

I write this blog as we enter into the biggest game of our season against the New England Pussies.

This game is so important, I’m literally shaking as I sit at my computer. It is THAT serious.

A friend of mine is as much a Pussies fan as I am a Gang Green Girl. We go at it like cats and dogs over our teams. He makes me sick with his incessant bragging about past successes. We won the first game this season and hopefully, we’ll clinch this one too!

I laugh about our rivalry, but it makes me think about compatibility. I read on another site a thread asking “Can you be with someone who doesn’t enjoy your favorite sport?” What if the person HATES your favorite sport or is overall indifferent? Does it matter to you?

How important is it to you that your significant other be a fan of your favorite sport? Is it a deal-breaker? I want to hear from the men and the women on this one!!

Oh… feel free to shout out your favorite Football team too! I want to see what my audience is about 😉

5 thoughts on “Gang Green!”

  1. I respect the Jets, but it is the Eagles for me. For life. I stan HARD!!!! for my Birds, and nothing gets in between me & the 53. NOTHING!

    I am passionate about football, and PSYCHOTIC about the Eagles.

    My mate MUST like football. Period. For at least 16 weeks out of the year for four hours the earth does not exist when the Birds are on the field.

    My mate can NOT under ANY circumstance be a dallas fan.

    No dallas fan has ever seen the inside of my sugar walls and they never will.

  2. I aint tellin nobody about the time I LIGHTLY cropped a Eagles Breasticle….LOL

    You know how I feel hun….it will be interesting to see if people go off topic here like they did ova you know where LOL


  3. As a native New Yorker I took yesterdays spanking as a slap in the face… Really Gang Green?!?! To lose like that this late in the season to our division rivals?!?! F-in Boston?!?! I’m up-set!!!

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