Clive Davis, the music industry legend known for discovering Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys, recently announced (at 80) that he is bisexual, sparking conversations in many circles about the legitimacy of bisexuality among men. Even as we see an increase in the acceptance of people who identify themselves in terms that don’t include “heterosexual” in entertainment and politics, this tolerance isn’t afforded to everyone. There’s still a huge negative stigma about bisexual men, particularly within the African-American community after the “down low” hysteria of the late 1990s. From HIV transmission fears to religious ostracizing to outright social rejection, Black bisexual men face unique challenges in affirming themselves.

In 2011, the New York Times reported on a study conducted by Northwestern University revisiting the sexual arousal patterns of bisexual men. Previous studies, found to have been flawed in how they were conducted, suggested that men only identified as bisexuals because of social norms and fear of identifying simply as homosexuals. The Northwestern study is the second to show that some men do, in fact, exhibit symptoms of physical arousal towards both men and women.

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  1. Hey Feminista,

    I wanted to take a minute to say thank you for “Lighting My Fire”. I recently started actually “paying attention” to you, Carolyn Edgar and Mikki and y’all have truly “lit me up” in the best of ways. Now, I thought I was “all in” before seeing you and Carolyn on the Huff Post Live appearance and but once I saw that!.. Oh My, right then and there I wanted to start a “#Everything I Love about Black and FINE AS HELL Women” hash tag. In closing, and on a “real talk” note, seeing you and Carolyn reminded me of what I “Really, Really Love” and it’s Women “Just Like You”, keep doing what you do, have a great week!

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      1. Thank you Feminista, I feel lucky or blessed to have found a Sista that knows her way around the “Boardroom, Locker Room and the Bedroom”. You seem to have “all things” covered. I see this morning you mentioned Fathers, having raised my Son (background pic in twitter) from 1yrs old up to now I have just a little experience with. In short, you are right on point regarding “providing warmth, support, education, nutrition, etc. Having those characteristics and skills is exactly why my X gave me my Son or did a “let the doorknob hit you where the dog should’ve bit you thing” to me/us when he was 18 months old. Oh my, your gonna have me late for work for the first time ever. Thanks again, the sharing of your wisdom, kindness and support/the mere mentioning of Men in a positive way is much appreciated. Have a wonderful day.


  2. Sexuality is a moment in time, not an identity. You shouldn’t trivialize other people’s feelings because you dont understand them. Let people live as they do and let go of these archaic perceptions of morality. These principles burden people to where some feel they cant be honest with themselves and others.

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