This week was a huge win for women around the world who dare to live life outside of the narrow boxes designed to keep hidden the wonderful awesomeness of being US!

Ronda Rousey became one of the first women to fight in the UFC and she won her match, becoming the first woman to win a UFC MMA Fight. She defeated Liz Carmouche in a thrilling seventh consecutive first-round armbar victory!! Read more about this momentous fight here.

Watch the match here. Definitely exciting!


Adele, plus-sized singing sensation, won an Oscar for Best Original song, “Skyfall”, a FIRST for the Bond series. Adele regularly dismisses assertions that she needs to be skinny to be successful and continues to make music, break records, and shatter ceilings. She just kicks ass on so many levels and she continues to keep winning and winning. Boom!

Watch her performance here

Danica Patrick makes history as the first woman to receive pole position at the Daytona 500 and as the first woman to come in the top 10 (she finished 8th). In this male-dominated sport, Danica’s been carving out her place and blazing trails for more girls and women in the future. Go Danica!!

Check out some awesome clips from the race, featuring Danica!

Quvenzhane Wallis, pint-sized actress nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role at this year’s Academy Awards, made history as being the youngest actress to ever be nominated in this category.  Please take a look at all of the nominations and awards she has won just for this ONE role!! She is also only the 10th Black female to be nominated in this category.


Shattering stereotypes, breaking down walls, blazing trails… daring to be different and silence the naysayers, these ladies really have girls/women having the best week ever!!!






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