We’re in the age of information-sharing and instant gratification. We are the “Hey look at me!” generation. We thrive on attention and validation from strangers, and we do everything we can to deny that simple fact. But it’s true.

The interesting thing about participation in social media outlets is that it is all about attention. Truth is, if you didn’t want people paying attention to you, you wouldn’t put yourself out there. “Staying connected” to others was done is a myriad of other ways (phone calls, letters, face-to-face meetings) before we began to use Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. We do know and remember this right? Right? So let’s not use that as an excuse for our sole participation in social media interaction.

I have this blog because I want to share my thoughts with the world and I enjoy the attention and participation in discussion. If I didn’t want people to pay attention to my ideas, I wouldn’t write them out and publish them. If I didn’t want people to know what I look like, I wouldn’t post pictures of myself. Same goes for everyone else.

Yet, somehow, some way, there are people who make a big deal out of the attention they get and go out of their ways to front like they don’t want it or that it is bothersome. Women, especially, do this and it makes it SO hard for others. Why? When one woman rants and raves about this mythical thing we call “thirst” (which is really just simple compliments from admiring strangers), it makes observant men afraid to give ANY woman even the slightest compliments because they don’t want to be embarrassed publicly. Can we blame them? Most of the time, I see men giving women respectful compliments and there’s always that ONE tramp who is so in need of attention that she throws a cyber tantrum about the “thirsty men” on her. You know how lame you look? Especially if you’re ugly? Girl….

You can’t post a picture of yourself half-naked and then get mad when people respond with base, lusty,  physical compliments. You can’t post images of you licking your nipples and then chastise someone for saying, “Damn, I wish I could lick them too”. That’s not how life works. Get over yourself. Real talk. I post pictures of myself in various ways because I like sharing and receiving the feedback. I’m not afraid to admit that it makes me feel good when others appreciate my physical appearance and compliment that hard work I’m putting in to create the body I want. Maybe if more people would admit that they post images of themselves to get compliments….but OK.

You can’t really complain about people sending you private messages when you open yourself to them. You know that every social media outlet has block functions? Did you know that on Twitter, people can only send you direct messages if you follow them? *Gasp* OMG!! And on FB, you can block someone from being able to send you messages!! WOW!!! Who knew??

You folks know this.

Many of you choose not to block though because not-so-deeply inside, you crave the attention and you revel in it. Somewhere along the line, someone convinced you that your shit smells like ultra fragrant roses and you think that people really clamor that hard for your attention. You got it all up in your head that having X number of men “thirsting” after you somehow speaks to your value as a woman. The reality is, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Nobody Cares. Really.

You know how you can tell that nobody cares? When some of you feel the need to announce that you’re receiving certain amounts of attention, pay attention to how folks respond. Or don’t… If they do respond, it’s with the blankest of faces imaginable because no one gives half a rat’s poisoned ass about whether or not someone is hitting you up privately. You wish people did, but they really don’t. You wait for the amen corner to kick in and keekee and when they don’t, you get mad and try something more outlandish, like post private messages sent to you by people “thirsting” after you.

And this is why you’re a miserable sperm waste.

Are there people who go too far and end up stalking people? Yes. But again, why give attention to those people? Why do you feel the need to bring that to light? You can always block someone. It is the quickest and easiest way to get out of a truly uncomfortable situation when it comes to social media.

So here’s what I need folks to do:  Shut the fuck up.

You don’t want someone DMing you? Unfollow the person. You don’t want someone in your mentions complimenting you? Block the person. You want everyone to think you’re the shit and being “thirsted” after? Get a life. Why is it important for people to know that?

Why do you have to “expose” private messages or text messages or anything else someone sends to you just to prove you’re getting attention?

Daddy didn’t hug you enough? Mama focused more on her crack pipe and spades games than on you? Still struggling with the embarrassment of wearing Sikes instead of Nikes? Like, what is lingering within you that you have to go this far on social media to prove you get attention from others and better yet… and then front like you don’t want it.

You want attention.

We all do.

It’s about high time we all admit that so we can just level the playing field and end this circular discussions about “thirst” and “attention whoring” because, not for nothing, nobody cares.


2 thoughts on “Nobody Cares. Really.”

  1. I had this conversation about thirst with one of my twitter followers. If a guys compliments a woman on twitter he is thirsty. I don’t get that. I have a lot of handsome followers and I will tell them in my TL. But what I’ve noticed about guys is that they will compliment me in a DM. Is that the fear of others thinking their thirsty? I honestly didn’t even know what thirsty was until I joined twitter. I think all that is nonsense. Grown people should be allowed to compliment without all the negativity that comes behind it.

    Also, I do agree about the social networking. Once we join these sites, we are vulnerable to whomever is on them with us. But I think its childish to screen shot text messages and put them out there for the world to see. Something else I don’t like is publicly fighting on twitter with your significant other. That is the worst to me. Along with fighting with people you never met. All it shows is people’s ignorance and who they truly are.

    This is my first time visiting your blog and I enjoy it.

    1. “But what I’ve noticed about guys is that they will compliment me in a DM. Is that the fear of others thinking their thirsty?”

      They’re not single lol

      I have a theory that 80% of the men on Twitter are involved/married while 80% of the women are single.
      Creates quite the conundrum, doesn’t it?

      I’m glad that you’re here and I hope you stay awhile 🙂


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