Introducing: @KYNKChat with FJ, a New Educational Experience

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Happy New Year, beloveds!!

I want to tell you about an exciting new project I am taking on in preparation for the (anticipated) summer release of the second part of the Push The Button series, In Search Of…, KYNKChat!

KYNKChat will be a monthly town hall event for all people participating in or interested in learning more about the BDSM/Kink lifestyle. My hope is to create a safe space for people to build community, ask questions, and most importantly, learn more about the realities of this Life and help in reducing the stigma.

I will have special invited guests who will educate you about different aspects of the BDSM/Kink Lifestyle and Community. We will use #KYNKChat on Twitter, but be sure to also follow the Twitter Acccount @KYNKChat to keep updated.

What does the future hold? Live streaming chats and interviews with special guests, giveaways, meet ups, and more!

KYNKChat Logo

I want to continue to do my part to reduce the stigma, especially for people of color and for newbies who are looking for a safe, judgment-free space to learn and come into their own without feeling like they’re fresh meat for predators, nah mean?

I hope you will join me for the first chat on FEBRUARY 11, 2016 just in time for Valentine’s Day. This introductory chat will set the tone and introduce more people to the community.

Twitter: @KYNKChat

Facebook: /FeministaJonesOfficial

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Hey hey hey

Quite a few of my supporters have asked if I have an Amazon wish list over the years and I finally decided to get one. I appreciate everyone who reaches out and wants to support all of the things that I do. I support a lot of bloggers and charities myself, so it seems like your love and support brings it all back home.

If you want to send me something, feel free to check out my Amazon Wish List and show your love!




“Feminists Belong In The Kitchen” FJ on.. #DanielHoltzclaw


I invited you all into my kitchen last night (since anti-feminists keep demanding we go back into the kitchen) and we chatted about Daniel Holtzclaw, the former police officer accused of sexually assaulting at least 13 Black women. I’ve been talking about him since last year and wanted to weigh in on some of the interesting observations I’ve made about recent “support” for his victims on social media.

Here is a thread I wrote about him in January of this year, addressing the hypocrisy of Bill Cosby supporters who claimed “innocent until proven guilty” suddenly condemning Holtzclaw with no conviction or “proof”.

Miss me with the bullshit



Watch here:

FJ at University of South Carolina



(via The Daily Gamecock)

Students and faculty flooded into the Russell House Theater Monday evening to hear Feminista Jones, acclaimed feminist writer, activist and public speaker, address social justice issues in South Carolina.

With more than 63,000 Twitter followers, Jones has created an impressive online presence writing about what it means to be a black feminist and a woman of strength.

“A lot of times we don’t get to hear how it is to live and be a black feminist woman in the United States,” Jones said.

She went on to explain how white feminism has overshadowed black women and seems to ignore larger issues that don’t make the news. Jones dropped some shocking facts about abuse and police brutality.

She discussed the trial of Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City policeman who faces 36 charges for the rape of at least 13 black women.

Read more here

#ButSomeOfUsAreBrave (Weekly Periscope Chat)

A White school “resource officer” was called into a class by a Black male math teacher to “handle” a Black female student who was, according to him, not complying with his requests to turn off her phone and engage in the class.

The young student was then severely brutalized by the resource officer as students were forced to watch in shock (one bravely filmed it and was subsequently arrested) and the math teacher stood there doing nothing as he rubbed his hands together and backed up to give the officer space to keep assaulting her. (We later found out she lost her mother, grandmother, and was recently put into foster care)

During this broadcast, I reflect on this incident, the responses by so many Black people who defended the officer (!!), how misogynoir encourages and supports the abuse of Black girls, and how we’re only going to get free with love.

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