FJ at Widener University #CareersCon15 Keynote

I had the honor of being invited to present the Keynote address at Widener University’s Careers in Sexuality conference. The organizers saw me at another event in Philadelphia and asked me to join them. I presented for clinicians and educators and I think I did a bit of disrupting. Definitely one of my best speeches.

Catch it here:

Thank you for having me Widener!!!


Bill Cosby is a #Cishet Rapist (Weekly Periscope Chat)

Tune in now for my latest periscope chat during which I discuss EBONY magazine’s DOPE ASS cover, Bill Cosby, Drake’s boring ass misogyny, and the term “cishet”



Abusive Relationships w/ Feminista Jones on Sayfty Chat #DVAM

I had the honor of being invited to join a discussion about domestic violence and abusive relationships by, an org based out of India!

On Monday, October 19, 2015, I led the discussion and it was really awesome to connect with women in India who are working to end domestic violence.

Check the transcript here.


FJ Live On Cocktail Chatter (10.14.15)


I joined Cocktail Chatter with Jeff Zepps on HuffPost Live and had a blast.

Topics included: The first 2016 Democratic Party debate; NYC Taxi cabs; Abusive aunts; Playboy Magazine

I was the only woman and only person of color. Go figure!

Watch here.


Introducing “The Retrievers”, A New Story by Feminista Jones

I’ve never written anything remotely science fiction, fantasy, or Afrofuturistic, so that’s exactly why I’m writing this story. I want to try something new and I’ve been shaping this idea since visiting a plantation in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I was so moved by what I encountered there, I came up with a story that I believe will touch on a number of things I’ve wanted to say in a work of fiction.

I want to share this journey with you, dear readers, because this is the fun part of writing– the engagement. I love the feedback (of all types) and I really appreciate that anyone ever reads anything that I write. I may totally bomb this story and it might completely suck ass, and that’s OK. I’ll learn from the process, I’m sure.

I must warn you that there is some graphic content and the concept is a bit heavy and will get progressively “worse”, but it is important, in my opinion, to capture specific “heaviness” in order to do these characters justice.


Human beings are capable of both astounding acts of incomparable kindness and appalling acts of seething savagery. Among The Living, there are those who gleefully inflict torturous pain and suffering upon the most innocent, often for inexplicable and inexcusable reasons. Too many people, who have done nothing more than be born into their own bodies, have been subjected to the cruelest punishments since the beginning of time.

For centuries, however, a group of once-human entities known as The Retrievers have been called to work together end that gruesome suffering for as many of The Living as possible before reaching their final destination.

And now, Chapter 1: Call To Order (<—download free PDF)


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