FJ on @TheDailyShow Discussing #StreetHarassment #YouOKSis

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I was invited, along with several other wonder women fighting the good fight against sexual harassment and assault, to do a segment on The Daily Show. It was humorous, obviously, but some good points were made. Was great to meet so many awesome advocates that day.


#NaBloPoMo Back Into The Crunch of Things



Two days after 360 crunches and I can barely breathe.

I recently started back going to the gym after taking a long break. I gained some weight during graduate school and now that I am done,  I want to refocus on my physical health and shedding some pounds. I was so committed to being a gym rat; I went to the gym 5-6 times a week. As school progressed and my schedule began to fill up with a myriad of obligations, I found myself putting myself last. Having received some devastating health news recently, I decided to get back into the rhythm of working out and losing some of this weight.

So, I went 5 days in a row and have been going full throttle. I love it, really and truly, but love hurts… sometimes. My inner thigh is sore and my abs would scream if my vocal cords were a bit lower. I have more energy, though, and that makes for better days (which are now more fully booked than ever before).

I’m in a loving competition with my boyfriend. We are trying to each lose 20lbs and see who can lose it first. We know that men and women lose weight differently, and I think we both want to lose more than 20lbs, but it is the friendliness and fun of the competition that keeps us going. We both want to be healthier and we know we’ve put on some weight since we’ve been together. Sometimes, couples struggle with having honest conversations about weight gain/loss because no one wants to offend the other. However, when you care about each other and want each other to be healthier, you have to have the difficult conversations and offer each other support.

We’re both extremely busy with careers, families, and the obligation of changing the world. We both tend to neglect ourselves and adapt poor eating and sleeping habits. We agreed to be more intentional, not just for ourselves, but for each other. I want to live as long as possible and I know he does too. We want to live long together, so, we’re working on this together.

It’s “crunch time” for me, but in a ME ME ME way. I’m making the time to focus on getting to the gym and doing one of the things I love most– exercise.

Recipe: Vegan Kale Stir Fry




#Focus100 — I’m Speaking! “The Rise of the Social Activist”



Join me and some of the most brilliant and diverse minds for an amazing conference in New York City.


Check out the speakers and agenda for the two-day conference.

You can register here for a $99 day pass if you can only attend the Friday events.




#NaBloPoMo: October “Ice, Ice Baby”

I decided to participate in this months blogging challenge to get myself back into the habit of writing daily.

I’m doing it with BlogHer and you can join in too!

This month’s theme: “Crunch”NaBloPoMo_1014_465x287_CRUNCH



My ice addiction is not out of control, I promise.

You see, I have anemia and have learned that people with anemia often crave ice. I think it is more than just the ice, though, because ice is frozen water and I don’t find myself hankering for a glass of water all hours of the day. Ice though? Can’t go a day without crunching it. Every morning, I buy a cup of ice for $.50 at the local bodega and sit it right beyond my keyboard within close reach. Throughout the morning, I reach in and grab a piece and happily chomp on it and find myself feeling better than I did the moment before.

I can’t tell you how long I’ve had this craving for crunching ice chips. I keep a big bag of ice in my freezer and I go through about a bag a week. Whenever I go out, I HAVE to have lots of ice in my beverages. I was recently on Amtrak and someone bumped into me, causing me to spill my cup of ice. I almost cried. It was that serious because I didn’t want to walk back 3 train cars to the cafe car to get another cup. I was angry, sad, frustrated, and restless. I glared at the woman for several minutes, hoping my eyes were burning her pimpled cheek. She, who deprived me of my beloved comforting ice, deserved whatever was coming to her. Dammit.

I’ve read and heard people make jokes about those of us who chew ice. I… really don’t care. I do what I want and I enjoy this. Eating ice keeps me from eating caloric snacks, so it helps with me achieving my weight loss goals, too. So suck it!

I’m Feminista Jones, and I’m an ice eater.


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