FJ Named One of 7 Black Women Writers to Follow!


I am honored to be included on a list with so many women writers that I personally admire. Each of these women is doing her part to construct a more authentic narrative about our experiences as Black people, specifically as Black women. Their work challenges people and pushes all of the right buttons.


Get the full list and read more here

Of Course I’m a Feminist!!

Feminist Tee White

Ever since I openly declared that I am a feminist woman, I’ve been the recipient of some of the most vile hatred and vitriol one can imagine. A solid 95% of the horrible reactions have come from men who are clearly threatened by the idea of women being free. I’ve been threatened with death, rape, and been called every terrible name under the sun simply because I believe women have the right to be free and am working to that end.

Perhaps I’m out-of-touch, but I would assume that is something any and all human beings would want. Like, of course I’m a feminist!! Why aren’t you? Sure, I’ve engaged in discussions about how the word itself is often connected to specific types of women who have problematic histories and such. I’ve always countered that argument with the fact that one rotten apple doesn’t spoil any bunch.

We all have the right to identify as we choose and I make the choice to proudly identify as a feminist.

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Feminist Tee Gray Tank Feminist Tee White Feminist Tee

FJ Giving Keynote Talk at #SEXxPHL May 7-10, 2015


Come see me as a Keynote speaker at SEXx Interactive!

When: May 7-10th 2010
Where: Philadelphia, PA
With more than 40 informational presentations, sexuality-based performances, “how-to” workshops, and sexually themed art exhibitions SEXxInteractive will be sex-positive and informative, while also being titillating and fun!

Early Bird Registration (a savings of $30) has been extended until March 31st, get your tickets now:

FJ Goes to London for #WOWLDN

The Underground is awesome


I recently had the opportunity to travel to London, England to speak at the Women of the World (WOW) Festival at Southbank Center. I was honored to be invited and I had a BLAST. It was so awesome to connect with so many of my fans and readers in London as well as meet other activists and fighters for gender equality.

Many thanks to the wonderful Hannah Poole of the Guardian who made it happen. I owe her so much!

On March 7th, I was interviewed on BBC Radio’s Woman’s hour live at the WOW festival at Southbank.  I spoke about women being worthy of dignity and respect and how empowering it is to speak authentically about your own experience.

I also had a chance to speak briefly about Push the Button and sex-positivity!whnews_400x400

You can listen to the interview here.


I also had the opportunity to speak about some of the work that I do to make the world a better place for women and girls and to advocate for the rights of marginalized and oppressed people. I was a keynote speaker and the room was packed!! I was so honored and humbled. Speaking about #YouOKSis and efforts to reduce sexual violence against women in another country was amazing. And I met Dr. Shirley Tate, the GAWDESS.

You can read about it here
You can listen to me and the other speakers at the festival here
It was an incredible experience, and I look forward to visiting Europe again!

#PTBBook Continues with “In Search Of…”

In Search Of Cover

I said I wasn’t going to write  a sequel to Push The Button. I was adamant about it, in fact. It did not matter to me that so many people were begging for more. I just said, “Nope!”

…until I said, “OK OK OK!!” and the ideas came to me. A sequel would give me the opportunity to delve deeper into some elements of kink that make people squirm. A sequel would give me the opportunity to explore BDSM and queer identity. A sequel would give me the opportunity to introduce more examples of Black love and Black kink, and hey… that’s alright with me.

In Search Of Cover

I’m so happy with how well PTB is doing! I’m honored that anyone thinks my book is worth buying, let alone sharing with friends, coworkers, and family. I’m so grateful to the PTB family/fans, so in true-to-the-origin fashion, I’m sharing the next chapter for FREE.

You can download it for Kindle/ Kindle App here for $.99

You can download the PDF for $.99 and receive it via email in 24-48 hrs here (best for people who use PayPal)

You can also download it here, PDF or ePub (for all other e-readers) instantly for $.99

I’m excited for you to meet Antonia, my newest friend in my head.



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