Ahhh another recipe with my favorite spice: Curry. I’ve been asked to provide more healthy food options, so I’m listening to you guys and making adjustments.

This recipe is for a curried chicken burger. Beef is really not the best thing to eat, but who doesn’t love a good burger, right? I came up with a simple alternative that tastes delicious and revs up the metabolism with curry spice!



Ground chicken
1 tspn chopped Cilantro
1 tblspn Paprika
1 tspon Black pepper
2 tblspns Jamaican curry powder
4 Ritz crackers
Salsa (whatever brand you prefer)
Not shown: Olive oil for cooking (I fry my burgers, but grilling is ALWAYS a great, healthier alternative. This recipe is for frying though)
Not shown: Shredded cheese (optional)

(*note* I rarely cook with salt, so if you want to add it, feel free)

First, you want to season your chicken with the cilantro, paprika, pepper, and curry powder.

Next, crumble your Ritz crackers and add them to the mix

Next, work seasoning and Ritz crackers into the meat thoroughly, rolling meat into a ball

From this mass, you can make about 3 burgers. Start by rolling a smaller ball in your hand, then flattening into a patty

Next you want to pour about 1-2 tblspns of olive oil in a pan. I cook with the olive oil because it is a “good” fat. When oil is heated, place patty in pan to cook. Cover initially to make sure burger is cooked through. Turn over when underside is browned.

Next, add 2 tspns of salsa and sprinkle cheese on top. Then cover until cheese melts.


Remove from heat when cheese is melted and serve on your favorite bun or on a bed of spinach

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