Rules To Live By… If You Have A Small P*nis

Editor’s Note: After two years and several insults and death threats, I figured I should add context to this post. I wrote this blog as a hyperbolic response to ridiculous demands, requirements, and statements about women’s body parts and how their parts correlated to their worth and value. Unfortunately, this post has been shared in places without proper context (support groups for men with small penises and such) and it has drawn the ire of men around the globe. Ahh well.

There are sets of rules for various types of people in the world. This set is for those men who were cursed to roam the earth with small penises.

You ask: “But Feminista, what is considered ‘small’? Isn’t size relative?

Yes, of course size is relative and I’m writing about it from the perspective of a woman who was once an admitted size queen. Your views may vary. Deal with it. For the purposes of this blog, however, a ‘small’ penis is anything under 6 inches. I’m including the 6 inchers because some of you ladies seem to prefer to not have your walls deconstructed and/or rearranged on the regular. I’ll give you that.

Without further ado…

Rules To Live By…If You Have A Small Penis

Rule #1: Men with small penises should keep them in their pants.

Why are you really wasting anyone’s time with a 4-inch dick? There is nothing you can do for anyone who is not a 4’10 Asian girl named Ming Lee who can’t speak English well enough to say “What the fuck is that???”

Rule #2: Men with small penises should not drive big cars.

It is a dead give away that your dick is small. Especially if you are a short man. A short ass man + Big ass Avalanche = Little Dick. Overcompensation much?

Rule #3: Men with small penises should not drive nice cars (or have nice homes, or good jobs).

It is false advertisement. You’re gassing women up thinking you are all about that good good and you convey nice taste. Then, if you’re attractive and can string along more than 3 coherent sentences at a time, she thinks she hit the jackpot…. until she unzips your pants. Don’t do that men. That’s not funny or fair. It’s totally fucked up. You KNEW your dick was a disappointment. Why man?  Ladies (and my gay brethren), you know there is NO disappointment like being in the heat of the moment and unzipping the pants (maybe even with your teeth) only to find you’re still looking for it… you casually pull away the unzipped fabric only to find you need to also peel back whatever underwear he is wearing. And then… you’re still looking. If the dick isn’t visible by then… RETREAT RETREAT RETREAT!!!! Man down!!! Man down!!!

Rule #4: Men with small penises should wear white “S”s.

I am not against reducing confusion and minimizing disappointment and subsequent feelings of rejection by simply forcing all men whose penises are smaller than 6 inches to wear big, white “S”s sewn into every article of clothing that will be worn across their chests.

Rule #5: Men with small penises should never complain.

You woman doesn’t cook? Maybe if you were able to fuck her right, she’d cook you a decent meal. Your woman won’t suck your dick? Why floss twice?? Your woman talks shit and never lets you talk? Well… how exactly DO you respond when she ends every sentence with “…with your vienna sausage dick-having ass!!!”? Your woman doesn’t do laundry? She doesn’t want to be reminded of your dick size with your miniature draws. Your woman doesn’t clean the house? You ain’t got shit else to do, so you do it. Not like you have time allotted for masturbating or anything.

Rule #6: Men with small penises should not ask for head.

How you complain about how your woman “does nothing” but then ask her to “do nothing”? Stop it. What the fuck is she going to slob on man???

Rule #7: Men with small penises should be forced to register as sex offenders.

Yes, muthafuckas, we are OFFENDED by you trying to pass those mini-weiners off as REAL DICKS and by you trying to molest us with those q-tips. Go hump a hydrant or a tree. You’re just going to jizz on your own nuts anyway. These men should be forced to register on ever social networking site and every local precinct as being men with small dicks who are Level 3 (most likely to re-offend).

Rule #8: Men with small penises should NEVER try to kick it to a woman with a big round ass.

Really… who are you fooling? Certainly not us. You can’t even poke your dick out of your own pants nor distinguish it from your nuts, so how are you getting behind a woman with a big ass and call yourself doing something? I’ll wait… In the meantime, find a belly button to poke.

Rule #9:  Men with small penises should always carry Wet Ones or some kind of baby wipes.

All that dribbling you do on ya nuts throughout the day will linger in ya draws. After every piss, please wipe off your dick and balls properly.

Rule #10: Men with small penises should never sit with their legs spread open.

Reason #1: You’re confusing yourself with the men who have big penises and have no choice but to sit that way. You’re also confusing us. Stop that.

Reason #2: All that air traveling all up in the space where your penis should be will lead to excessive dick gas. Yes, dick gas. Don’t know what it is? Ask a man with a small dick.

Rule #11: Men with small penises should never use Viagra or Cialis or anything like that.

Come on. What the fuck for? Being hard for 4 hours would feel like having an over-sized splinter poking your nuts for the duration. Besides, ain’t nobody trying to fuck you anyway. Stop it.

Rule #12: Men with small penises should pee sitting down.

Stop fucking up every toilet seat you come across! You even lift the seat up and still manage to piss all on the bottom part.

Rule #13: Men with small penises should only be allowed to check out in Express lanes at the grocery store.

We know it takes you longer to check out your groceries than it does to nut all over your own ball sack. We just need better ways to identify you. If we see you with more than 15 items in the Express lane, we’ll know to leave you and your lonely ass groceries the fuck alone.

Rule #14: Men with small penises should NEVER ask “Whose pussy is this?”

You can’t be serious. You really think you are ever going to own/possess any pussy with that? Listen, you’re perpetually renting/borrowing pussy. Don’t ever think that your woman is only fucking you. She is NOT. She got her main dick source, probably named Tyrone, Juan, Brent, or Mao somewhere DICKING HER DOWN. The pussy is his, not yours. Ever. Don’t ever let yourself get comfortable in thinking that any pussy belongs to you. Nope.

Rule #15: Men with small penises should not be offended by discussions about men with small penises

You should have developed a thick enough skin by now from all of those uproarious laughter-filled responses once you’ve zipped down your pants to not be offended by anything like this.


Do you have any rules?

Thank you to my followers who gave me some of these ideas! <3

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162 Responses to “Rules To Live By… If You Have A Small P*nis”

  1. Mediator says:

    your just upset because you have a large vagina, saddle bags for days and cellulite that only a D9 tractor could clear, no wonder you have a problem i mean even if a dude has 9 after they get past all that nasty shit you probably only feel like 1″ so how could you feel six.or maybe they looked at your ugly man face with your female receding hair line and when’t soft? you say you got death threats honestly the best thing you could do is kill your self trust me i have seen your picture and what you want to contribute do us all and yourself a favor.for you are of less value than a man with a small penis you lazy worthless hood rat bitch, you should find some thing better to do than ranting about your own sexual insecurities.

  2. Don Likajuze says:

    what a cunt! no wonder you afix the term feminist to your cunt self. You're a 5 star cunt. Can you die?

  3. Niggers says:

    I feel the same way about Black women. 5 rules to live by if you are a black women.

    1) We all understand why you are so pissed off all the time but get over it! No one wants to hear your bullshit rants! You are unattractive and have disgusting hair and even your own men only want white girls. Sorry about ya luck!

    2) Stop having babies! Nothing is more unappealing then a fat black chick with 15 kids! You are mass producing criminals! STOP! At least learn how to control your ugly monkey babies!

    3) No one likes your fat asses, nappy hair or purple nipples! Stop fucking!

    4) Go to school! Most black women are stupid as fuck!

    5) Do the world a favor and kill yourself. You have 8 baby daddies cause men are not attracted to you. Your fat noses and ashy skin is just a turn off. Your purple pussy lips are revolting. You are a dying breed and soon the world will not have to look at your disgusting asses and deal with your shitty attitudes!

    • jamie says:

      I hate this stupid bitch also. But you are being racist. Fuck you swine ass edomite ass pig face, pig skin bitch. Our babies are not ugly, and you would have not said this if you she were white.

  4. Steve says:

    and here we have the result of such a crass post – a torrent of hate and abuse. I got the point of the post but honestly it was such a crude and clumsy way of making it – it has Im sure just caused Feminista problems ever since it was posted. Its one thing to be outspoken with your message but to be stupid and outspoken is a bit unfortunate.

    Personally I have never seen a similar style of comments on male forums (aimed at women) or blogs, although Im sure it does happen occasionally in banter which is sad and unfortunate. However – to replicate and repeat this sort of jibes towards men is really not going to help especially if the agenda is to instigate change or have some sort of positive purpose. It could be though that this post was effectively trolling – in which case it deserves everything it gets.

  5. David says:

    Even though this was written as a joke, most of it is true or should be. My penis is only about 4″ hard. My wife love me, and we have a good relationship, but she is totally unsatisfied in bed. There’s nothing I can do really except go down on her. I feel bad since she’s missing out on the pleasure that women deserve to feel from a normal size dick. I’ve told her that I would understand if she wants to find a boyfriend to take care of her needs. I’m sure she will eventually.

    • Simon says:

      Why don’t you just use toys in your sex life? First you have regular sex and maybe you orgasm through penetration/what ever. Maybe she orgasms through fingering/licking. And then you, the man, put on a strap on of her size preference? It’s for the woman you love, it’s between two spouses – who cares? Better to so easily satisfy your sexlife than to live in missery.

  6. Jack says:

    Having a small three inch penis on a 6″3″ body it is kind of funny, so I do not see any issues with the list. I have had a number of women just flat out refuse to have sex which I turned into to humor, well sometimes. My wife came to terms with it and just rides on top a couple times a year. Her nick name for me is tiny and most people think it is because i am tall!

  7. Jay says:

    It’s not that serious. It was meant as a joke. Hell living with a bigger penis ain’t rainbows and butterflies trust me ESPECIALLY, when you want to try anal in your relationship. It’s all just fun and games, just like people are leaving comments and opinions, this is the same thing!!

  8. Noone says:

    I am a teenager looking for help and i got to this post. I get it, cunt. I get it. But seriously, couldn’t you write it any harsher? I get it. It’s no big deal, we should just accept it.

    IT’S NOT THAT FUCKING EASY YOU GOD DAMN BITCH. Thanks for probably throwing me back into depression. I can’t live because of that problem. Do you understand me? Do you understand how this is hurting me?

    I’m not just a teenager with a “i have a small penis” syndrome. I actually do have a small penis. 12 cm when erect. I tried suicide once. I would probably try it again if i wouldn’t be such a fucking pussy. Maybe i’ll seriously become a monk

  9. Dan says:

    I am not really concerned with all the penis talk. What I find fascinating is the facade this woman is hiding behind. The one that makes this seem OK. It’s clear that this is sick and even if it’s a joke it is a far cry from anything Ive read aside from satire. What’s more fascinating yet is the brazen feminist “we didn’t just fuck up by letting this ape write an article” attitude that was displayed by actually allowing this smut to be published let alone keep it up for all these years to really solidify the fact fhat this website is a zoo.

  10. Denis says:

    Black men for black women
    White men for white women
    Asian men for asian women
    So everyone have perfect penis for their women. How can you expect asian man to fuck 8inch deep black vaginAs because they are made for 7,8 inch black penis. So everyone is perfect. Don’t worry 4,5 in enough for asian girls if you are asian. I am black male but this woman write bullshit like that to get attention of you people , may be lonely desperate lady.

    • Small Asian says:

      Its ok being asian size in Asia. The problem is in the USA very few top asian girls will be happy with asian dick. Most seem to want a 6-7″ white guy dick, not our 3-5″ dick. And if your asian with a 3″ dick in this country you will be known because asian girls do talk to their friends. More about the small guys like me than normal size asians. Yes they will laugh like hell in the USA. Back home, they won’t complain to their friends, it’s about how much $$$ you got.

      It drives me crazy to have a small penis. Like a lot of small guys i’ve finally given up and now need humiliation. The best is by asian girls who only date white guys but also black women who just find our situation hillarious.

  11. Evan says:

    You’re a piece of shit who just try to make people feel bad about themselves. You’re probably just a prostitute that’s been fucked so many times the only thing you can feel is a 12 inch dildo cuz your pussy is stretched out so much you whore. Low life piece of shit sluts like you is why younger girls turn into whores. if you got hit by a car im sure their wouldn’t be too many people upset about that. You’re a shallow whore that doesn’t deserve to be with anyone.

  12. bjorn says:

    I’m 100% agree with her and the 15 rules its just right and true .I have fight against and for my little dick but in the end its usseles since I stopped with denial of my small penis and I accepted that guys like me have to fill another part in society since that day I’m happy en know what my purpose is as a boy . And now I’m proud to say I serve about 2 years as a maid my ex girlfriends and one older lady I’ve been in chastity four almost three years I will never fuck again because guys you must understand cumming amd that stuff will pass and then you see that youre not the guy to have a wife and that stuff we as tinny dicks boys must behave en dont want to fuck a vagina its humiliating seeing so much losers fighting or disagreeing with this 15 rules please accept it there are men to fuck girls and men to serve be proud tot serve

    • jamie says:

      You are a week ass man. You are going to let this hiphop reject dictate your sex live? You are hand picked faggot withno fucking pride. You need to gain your man hood back and serve no bitch.

  13. john porter says:

    I won’t hit a woman but I’d kick a bitches ass, and this can get her eyeballs beat the fuck in with all of that horse shit she posted..

  14. DIE says:

    The ONLY requirement a woman has to satisfy in order to attract a modicum of male attention is to not be hideously deformed. This is a fact.
    There’s a group of fetishists for each female body type.
    There are NO small penis fetishists.
    Stop it with the victim act.

  15. john porter says:

    If this bitch died while choking on 12 inch penis, and the shit was talk about on the news, I’d laugh my ass off.

  16. john porter says:

    Are you dead yet bitch?

  17. Feministnomore says:

    It’s shit like this that stopped me from considering myself a feminist. It’s weird that women think men get together to talk about women’s genitals. Newsflash: it doesn’t really happen. I guess that because women talk so much shit sexually when they get together they must assume it’s the same (but worse) with men. Nope. No, really…nope. At least not in my educated, privileged experience.

    So, thanks for reinforcing my exit from the hateful world of feminism. Instead I’ll just say things like “I believe in equality” and “everyone deserves respect and kindness”. But I’m done calling myself a “feminist”. You and your ilk are all about body shaming others to mask your own insecurities and feelings of shame.

    The vile racism and threatening tone of many responses of this post are disturbing. Good job feeding that beast and perpetuating the cycle of hopelessness, self-hatred, and violence.

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