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Ahhhhh here we go again! More raw-dogging on the set, except this time, It’s Lawrence having a threesome with two White women after an evening of coke, blunts, and booze (that they bought him when he came up short at the register).

Yes, I’m pointing it out again because although Issa said that “condom use is implied” and said they put wrappers in the backgrounds of scenes (and they will do better next season), we clearly saw Becky II try to jump on his dick after Becky I got her “Big Black Cock” nut. Awesome. Let’s rock with that and keep it pushing.

(see further commentary on this below)

Lawrence was pulled over by White police officers after making an illegal U-turn. He’s shown being nervous because this kind of scene hasn’t been working too well for Black people in recent years. I appreciated that they tackled the fear Black folks feel when pulled over by police; the psychological trauma inflicted by a racist police state has many of us living with heightened anxiety. Luckily, he lived and was let off with merely a ticket and a stupid sports joke.

So what does he do?

He goes to get him some bitches.

We see his debit card fall out of his wallet in the car which sets him up to not be able to pay for the beer he is buying to take with him as he goes to hang out with his friend. Who is there to save the day? Two overly eager extras from the film Get Out— White party girls who offer to pay for the beer, then try to holla at him in the parking garage. Lawrence ditches his friend and the party and decides that the White chics are a better option for the night.

He made a similar decision when he ditched Tasha’s family BBQ for the “work thing” and found himself being flirted with by a White bartender. Hey, get it how you live, brother. You’re single and looking to mingle. I just find it interesting that he can treat Tasha in such trash ways, fall back into Issa’s pussy when it is convenient, but finds reckless sexual relief in White women complete strangers.

Some may say this isn’t worth looking into or that looking at the race issue may be too critical or making a big deal of nothing, but how can any intelligent person not make a connection between a Black man being pulled over by White police and fearing for his life and him opting for a threesome with two beer-buying White women he meets at the grocery store within an hour? Why can’t we examine the fact that one of the women moans about him fucking her with his big Black cock and the two friends lamenting his extended recovery time, specifically as a Black man? When they make it clear that they hop from Black man to Black man seeking sexual adventures, we can say “Hey, they’re exploiting Black men and that’s wrong!” yet Lawrence came super hard after having his dick used as a race-based fuckstick. Awesome. That’s ya boy #LawrenceHive? That’s how y’all rock? Or nah?

What’s going on with Lawrence? Perhaps he is far more broken than he is letting on. Maybe he’s reckless fucking stranger women who are so opposite of the woman who cheated on him as some kind of revenge? Maybe he was trying to fuck the White women to vent his frustration from his police encounter?

Maybe he is just corny. And that’s fine. Change condoms during your threesome, fam.

It seems like he and Issa are struggling with figuring out the “What’s next?” after their break-up. After years being together and living together, it’s hard to just “move on” like none of that happened. You lose a part of yourself and it’s clear that they’re both struggling to craft identities outside of each other. Issa thinks dating apps are a good idea and they might be, when you’re not meeting losers like Felix (who didn’t like her hair or her voice, so he ditched her). Lawrence thinks alcohol-based socializing is the way to go. They’re running these races to see who can reach the “I’m over you” finish line first, but they can’t seem to stop getting tripped up by the hurdles.

At the end of the episode, Lawrence is sitting in his car outside of his ex’s place, feeling the weight of being used as a Mandingo sex toy, and Issa is cozying up to Daniel, the guy she cheated on Lawrence with.

And Kelli is being fingered under the table by a guy making fajita jokes. Bless up.

Let’s keep watching and see how all of this mess continues to unfold.






(Time for the commentary reference above)

Are we so afraid to lose our Black shows that we rush to defend things that should be critiqued? Are we so concerned about the White Hollywood Gaze that we try to silence those among us who have questions or want to see “us” do better? I’m bothered by the backlash against people who have questioned condom use, citing other shows that don’t show explicit use of them. There are more than enough examples of Black shows and movies that make condom use part of the scene, so there isn’t an excuse.

And if you’re mad at someone for pointing it out, you have to think about why it bothers you so. Do you feel personally attacked? Do you feel a particular ownership of the show that you feel any slight critique of the show is also a critique of you, by virtue of you liking it? I’ve noticed this as a growing thing as social media expands and it becomes increasingly difficult to have individual opinions, much less express them. Fear of a “dragging” silences so many who have different views. When you call someone ridiculous for questioning a Black show’s approach to a certain issue, you’re complicit in that silencing.

People can have different opinions. Remember that.