Feminista Jones is an internationally-known author and thought leader. She has written for several publications including the New York Times, Washington Post, Essence, and EBONY. She is also a self-published author whose debut novel sold over 10,000 copies in 11 countries.

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Push The Button

by Feminista Jones


Nicole and David are two 30-something, professional, Black Americans chasing their dreams and accomplishing their goals while investing in a romantic future together. On the surface, they appear to be just like any other couple—they travel, work hard, and spend quality time with family and friends. Behind their masks, David and Nicole live an erotic, intense dynamic based on the complements of domination and submission and the peaks of pain and pleasure known as “The Life”. They have their boundaries, they play by the rules, and they seek to ascend to the highest level of connection a couple can achieve by indulging in their deepest fantasies and exploring the darkest corners of their minds.

Life for the couple is not without obstacles, however. What happens when a force from the past threatens to destroy everything David and Nicole have built together? Can their devotion to each other withstand the trials they are forced to endure? Push The Button explores a side of the BDSM Lifestyle that often goes ignored—the “normalcy”. Like any other couple, these two have their ups and downs, and they must decide if their love is enough to keep them together. Follow Nicole and David as they love each other, struggle together, and grow in their powerful connection.

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Cover Art: Raed Mansour (photo)

Push The Button is a unique take because it provides a healthier illustration of BDSM lifestyle and explores the dynamic between a black man and a black woman engaging in this type of love.” – Brionna Jimerson, NBC

Push the Button is not written for tourists, which I appreciate. I love learning about new things and I think that any storyteller who is skilled and sincere can also educate the reader without pandering, watering down their content, or turning it into a textbook. Push the Button goes so much further than the hackneyed “You’ve been a bad girl . . .” trope that is so often portrayed” – Pia Glenn, XO Jane

Push the Button is revolutionary for one reason: It’s one of the few books that tell the story of the kink community, from the perspective of people of color.” – EJ Dickson, Daily Dot


Push The Button contains themes of an adult nature and is intended for a mature audience.

(Trigger Warnings: Explicit details of BDSM scenes; Sexual assault; Domestic Violence against women)

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