Ask Feminista: STDs, BDSM, WTF… Oh My!

So… I forgot to change the contact information on the “Ask Feminista“ page and missed SO many of your questions. GAH!!! I’m a weirdo. Anyway, I’m answering some of them now. Some of you ask me similar questions, so I hope you can extract some help from the ones I’m using. Without further ado…   […]

The Feeling Isn’t Mutual

A couple of weeks ago, one of my readers asked me to do a post on the best way to tell a woman you’re not feeling her the way she is into you. He found himself in a situation where he realized a woman had some feelings/intentions for him and he needed help with finding […]

“If You Don’t Do It, The Next Woman Will”

We’ve all heard the idea that what you won’t do, the next woman will, right? Well, I think perpetuating this idea if ridiculous and I have a few words to say about it  

Ask Feminista: Pussy Recovery

**If you need advice with relationship or sex issues, email me with “Ask Feminista” in the subject heading** Dear Feminista, I’m new to your blog.   Regular Dude I suppose but I have a question.  How do you get over the bomb ass pussy?  They say it’s a myth but I disagree.  I’d say […]

Ask Feminista: Should I Fight Over My Man?

  Dear Feminista, So I’m talking to this guy. I have feelings for him and he also for me but he does talk to another woman who he also says he has feelings for. We’re not monogamous or anything, so I don’t have a big issue with it. But recently he told this other woman that me and him do talk […]