Being Feminist Makes Me a Better Man

June ┬áis Guest Blogger Month here at FeministaJones.Com . I solicited a few bloggers, writers, poets, etc to contribute posts lending their perspectives and experiences on feminism, race, mental health, sexuality, relationships, liberation, sex, and everything this blog is about. I hope you appreciate their contributions as much as I have. If you’re interested in […]

Chimamanda and Me. Well… Kinda.

Nigerian author of Americanah, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (also known for her TED talk which appeared on Beyonce’s song, ***Flawless) appeared on Huffington Post Live and I was asked to submit a question for her to answer. This is a really great segment and she is thoughtful, eloquent, and just stunningly beautiful in her grace. I […]

Combahee River Collective Statement

We have found that it is very difficult to organize around Black feminist issues, difficult even to announce in certain contexts that we are Black feminists. So, there’s definitely been a resurgence of (at least interest in) Black Feminism, particularly in discussions around representation in the broader feminist movements and pushback against misogyny within Black […]