When Did “Vanilla” Become Such a Bad Word?

My name is Feminista Jones and I am Kinky and proud! I realized a few years ago that I could never be completely happy in a “vanilla” relationship and that being “kinky” is a non-negotiable requirement for any union of which I become a part. I use these two terms because they are the most […]

Can An “Alpha” Woman Truly Submit?

I’m going to present to you a quotation from the writings of a respected Dominant in the BDSM Lifestyle, Orpheus Black. In this passage, which I’ve trimmed a bit for length, He talks about why “Alpha” women not only make excellent submissives,  but also why they are highly desired by certain Doms. He references Dr. Marianne […]

Near-Death Freedom

Let me share something with you…   I was told after surgery to not eat anything within 2 hours before laying down, because of the risk of suffocation. I was always warned to stay away from bread not simply because of the simple carbs and sugar content, but because bread expands and can get trapped […]

In The Life: A Black Feminist Sub

I recently held a discussion on Twitter about D/s (Dominant/submissive) relationships/dynamics and it prompted me to expand on my thoughts about being a feminist and a woman who submits (I’ll explain the difference between that idea and a “submissive” in a bit). I am an advocate of being open and honest about living in alternative […]