Fluid Bonding in the Era of STD/Is

Many participants in “alternative” lifestyles engage in what is called “fluid bonding” and may label themselves as “fluid-bound” to someone(s). This happens in vanilla relationships as well, but it isn’t discussed as such because it still remains taboo, though I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps it is because it is mostly the people in alt […]

All I Want For Kinkmas….

‘Tis the season to give and receive and I can only hope you’re all enjoying the spirits of the season. I thought it would be delightful to come up with my own Sub Kinkmas Wish List ….and of course share with you, my darlings!! 🙂   Sing this in your head along with the tune […]

Can An “Alpha” Woman Truly Submit?

I’m going to present to you a quotation from the writings of a respected Dominant in the BDSM Lifestyle, Orpheus Black. In this passage, which I’ve trimmed a bit for length, He talks about why “Alpha” women not only make excellent submissives,  but also why they are highly desired by certain Doms. He references Dr. Marianne […]

Feminista Jones featured on Ebony.com!!!

Hi everyone!!   I am SO happy to share with you my very first piece for Ebony.com >>>> “Shades of Black BDSM“!!! <<<< This is very exciting and I absolutely NEED your support. Click the link, leave your comments ON that site and show love there… NOT HERE lololol I look forward to contributing more […]