Check Out My New Webinar Series!!

Greetings!! I decided to do a series of webinars to share some of my knowledge, experience, and expertise with people who want to increase their own knowledge base and skills. These webinars will be limited to 20-25 people per class and will be conducted via Zoom conferencing (Click here for technological requirements) Cost: $25 General […]

Feminista Jones at @WoodhullSFA August 2014

I’m so excited to announce that I will be presenting at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit this August in Alexandria, VA!! My workshop is on Sex-Positive Feminism in 40 Years of Hip-Hop Culture!! I am very excited to present on this subject, as Hip-hop and Sex-Positive Feminism are two of my most passionate topics of […]

Hip-Hop Doesn’t Need A(nother) White Savior on @Salon

I proudly affirm myself as a feminist woman, even though the oft-dreaded “F” word often evokes volatile, visceral responses. I believe that all women, including women of color, lesbians and trans women, deserve access to the same rights, liberties and resources as men. There are times, however, when I question whether I’m meant to be […]

Where Are The Women In Mainstream Hip- Today? via @Salon

Hip-hop culture was born in the heart of the Bronx, and the date of its “birth” is officially recognized as Aug. 11, 1973. This year, fans, both die-hard “heads” and casual rap music consumers, are celebrating 40 years of this ever-changing art form. Hip-hop, as a culture, has now spanned two generations, and has become one […]

It’s Not Every Day You Get To Meet An Idol

“If everyone is a product of this society, who will say the things that need to be said, and do the things that need to be done, without compromise? Truth will never start out popular in a world more concerned with marketability than righteousness. It will initially suffer ridicule and even violence- yet ultimately it […]