“Race Play Ain’t for Everyone” via @EBONYMag #TalkLikeSex

Within the “kink” community, there are subgroups catering to specific interests and fetishes. Within these safe spaces, people can comfortably express their alternative desires among like-minded people who won’t dismiss them as weirdos. While some might seem extreme, they’re mostly innocent and harm no one. Still, some fetishes garner more controversial attention, and “race play” is […]

“Exploring Exhibitionism” @EBONYMag #TalkLikeSex

Sexual exhibitionism and voyeurism are considered paraphilia—or intense experiences of sexual arousal by highly atypical individuals, circumstances and/or situations—according to the American Psychiatric Association. Why atypical? Because these two categories of sexual arousal, when acted upon, can lead to trouble for the perpetrators, or feelings of offense by the subjects. Exhibitionists, people who are aroused by being […]

Launching My New Column with Ebony.com!

I’m so happy to announce that I’m officially part of #TeamEbony and have my own Love & Sex column entitled “Talk Like Sex” I’ll be bringing the raw, funny, insightful and uncut sex talk that you guys have come to know and appreciate from me over the years. Be sure to check it out, bookmark […]