It’s been a while since I’ve written from a place where I’m letting my emotions run free. I’m sure I’ll edit this a bit after I finish writing (I did, I removed several screenshots of abusive, bullying tweets), as I feel it might be a purge of sorts. Since I’ve begun writing on a more professional level, I’ve found that I’ve neglected the kind of writing that has always eased my spirits. Well, now is as good a time as any. You don’t have to read this, remember. You’re doing so of your own will, so if you think I’m whining or whatever, you might want to stop here.

I’ve never really spoken about something I’ve been dealing with for almost three years because people, self included, expect me to “be above” certain things. Instead, I’ve internalized a LOT of shit and remained silent for a long time. I’m not writing any of this to play any type of victim; trust me, I’ve been subjected to a lot but I can’t see myself as a victim. I’m writing because it is finally time for me to release this shit so I don’t EVER have another crack like I just did. And man, did I crack. I don’t do enough to let people know I’m human, and part of that is because of the things I’ve had to deal with over the past few years. I keep a lot of my “weaknesses” to myself because one bit of exposure leads people to run with it and just increase the torment.

Well, shit. I’m human. So now you know.

I joined Twitter in 2009, right after splitting from my ex-husband. I’d heard about it but wasn’t sure if I wanted to get involved with another social media platform. I’d been connected with Facebook since around when it started and I was fine with that. Twitter seemed weird, but there were celebrities I liked on there sending their thoughts in real time. Cool shit. I also thought it might be a great way to release some of the things I dealt with re: my marriage ending. A few of my friends were on it and hey, why not.

Fast forward about 6 months. I’d tweeted and interacted here and there but wasn’t consistent until I began to follow “normal” people. By doing that, I found out about events in my area and decided to attend some. I wanted to branch out more, get back to being the me I was before all of the marriage mess began. At one event, I met a handful of amazing people (who are now some of my closest friends), and became encouraged to get back to writing/blogging, as I’d been doing before. Sidebar: I started a fun blog, this one, which was called “Knob-Slobbing Feminism”. It was a tongue-in-cheek blog that would humorously talk about feminism and sexuality and hopefully change how some folks viewed feminism. With every RT of my links and every read, it grew more popular. I decided I had more things to say so I changed the name, rebranded everything, and here we are with this one.

I’d become cool with folks and one was planning an event in 2010, a Halloween party, and I was like cool! Should be fun, haven’t dressed up in a while. Some folks planned a dinner with a friend from out of town and I joined. I hadn’t really interacted with her before, but I figured if she’s cool with my people, she’s cool with me. I’ve been wrong about a lot of things, but this definitely has to be one of the top 5 things I’ve been wrong about. I would go on to learn the greatest lesson that not everyone who is my friends’ friend will be my friend.

At the dinner, I admit I was a bit put off by this woman’s behavior. I don’t need to go into detail, but I’ll just say I found her to be a bit obnoxious. That happens; we don’t have to like everyone we meet and first impressions are lasting impressions. I was told later she didn’t care for me either, and that’s perfectly fine. Despite that, she and a few other new people I met (they are a circle of close friends) seemed to have a pretty good time at my friend’s party, we all drank together, took pics, danced, and I figured all was good. Some of you may recall I even posted a fun pic of her dancing in what was a really cute costume. I posed with another person as well (in a picture that would later be used to taunt me). It was all love, right?


After the weekend, I decided to “unfollow” this woman on Twitter because, though I’d only started following her upon news of her coming to my city for the weekend, I just didn’t vibe with her tweets. She was a bit shady, simply put. I can say that because she’s since built an entire platform on being shady and mean. I know it. Most of you reading know it as well. I didn’t want to be bothered. She tweeted me a few times after and I remained cordial. I don’t usually make a big deal out of unfollowing people nor am I usually outwardly rude. I don’t know what happened on her end, but she went from being cool and tweeting me after we met, to unfollowing me and shading me. Maybe she was offended by me unfollowing her after meeting her, I don’t know. I don’t even care. Just note that we did not have beef, or an argument or any issues at that point other than an unfollow.

All I know is that from November 2010 until the present, she has devoted a great deal of energy towards being horribly antagonistic towards me online, and she roped in a number of people to join her in her “shade brigade”. Some may say “Oh why do you care? What does it matter? It’s just Twitter”. No, it’s not. You don’t have to buy into how this stuff goes way deeper than what’s on the surface, but it does. And it wasn’t only her. Group think and mob mentalities are rampant on Twitter, so people who know/knew nothing about me would join in on the insults, badgering, attacks etc just because she and her friends did so. I’ve had her supporters threatening to find me, beat me up, slap my kid, even kill me.  Yes, you read that correctly. People have threatened to kill me in her name, over stuff related to a pop singer at that.

It was hard to deal with. Who wants to be subjected to that type of stuff day in and day out? I could not, for the life of me, figure out why she chose me as a target. It just didn’t make sense. We never had an argument or fight. I’d never said a single negative word about her, not even to mutual friends we had. As I write this, I still can’t figure out what it was about me that made her decide attacking me for years was something she needed to do. Given our mutual friends/associates, I made significant effort to NOT say anything negative about her our of respect.

She and her cohort have spent countless tweets and countless hours over almost 3 years talking about everything from my weight (which I was almost 400lbs when she met me) and weight loss surgery, to how my ex-husband and I raise our child, to passing around naked pictures of other people and claiming it was me, and everything you can think of in between. I’ve written extensively about my co-parenting here, because there is this idea that my son was snatched from me, that I don’t have custody of him, and that I don’t raise him. All of that is false, but it is a default thing people use to attack me. Every single time. No matter what. She’s also maintained that I lie about having weight loss surgery. I do not and this is where I talk about it: video, watch for yourself, if you care.

I chronicled the entire weight loss process in an open blog (linked above) and in a video where I describe why I started the health and fitness challenge, #SexyShred. She has even spent time literally trying to convince people NOT to join my health challenge, telling them that I lied about the surgery. Why would she care either way, right? Who does that? Don’t you have other things to do than to hit up random people you don’t care about and tell them NOT to participate in something you know nothing about? I started #SexyShred in August/September of 2012. We’re talking almost two years later after us meeting that she was still maligning me, and I’d never uttered a word to her or tweeted her or anything in the 2 years since meeting her.

As I said earlier, my being open about my custody arrangement led people to strike with daggers. Any time you open yourself up online, you invite both support and antagonism. Especially when it comes to parenting, where people think they are authorities on what everyone else in the world should be doing. She and her people found a sensitive spot, struck a dagger, and continue to twist and turn whenever they can, not based on facts though. It’s never about facts. It’s about constructing whatever narrative works for people to get attention, laughs, support, whatever. Many of us who blog/write/podcast on certain platforms know that using our Twitter timelines to maintain discussions about the topics we speak about helps generate support for what we do. Well, when your platform is being shady and “reading” people, it makes sense that your TL is filled mostly with you doing just that… being shady, mean, insulting, and bullying.

Yes, she is a bully, as are many of the people she surrounds herself with. It’s not just her though. Twitter is filled with people who make it their business to be mean. They proudly tout being “shady” or have things in their bios that say ‘I’m only here for shade and slander’. Some folks, like her, actually delight in and are proud of the ways in which they attack people. They don’t have to know you, could have never had a single conversation with you, but they will attack because it’s funny, right? It’s always funny until it’s about them.

Many people know it and many people abide by it so long as it isn’t about them or people they care about. It is the banality of evil. The hardest thing for me has been knowing that people who say they love and support me, who KNOW what these folks have been doing to me for YEARS have said nothing. I don’t know if people are afraid of being subjected to their bullying too, but…I guess I’ve been disappointed. I just decided that I didn’t need anyone to defend me and I turned inward, tried to keep my head up, and focused on what I wanted to accomplish.

Enough of you know it how shitty this has all been, that one of you sent me (and a few other people) an email containing rather damning information about her allegedly being caught up in credit card fraud. I received the email on June 19, 2013. Another Tweeter came forward, to the surprise of many who had their minds made up about me, and said she, too, received the email around the same time. I didn’t click the link in it at first, because I get a lot of emails and thought maybe it was spam. But when I saw “Oklahoma” in the link, I was curious because I knew that was where she was from. I figured the email was a dummy account, so I paid it no mind. Mind you, until this point, SO MANY people, including people who interact with her regularly, were frequently emailing screenshots, DMing me text of tweets where she and others were constantly “going in” on me (see various links to example images above). This was becoming such a regular thing that I had to start telling people to stop, to just leave me alone. I collected a lot of the screenshots into a file in the event that one day I would have had enough and would have to take legal action. Cyber bullying is a crime and it had been years and I was SICK of this shit. Somewhere along the way I just kinda gave up and accepted that as long as I continue what I’m doing, she and others like and around her, will continue to antagonize me. I haven’t been bullied since middle school.

This is embarrassing and shameful.

Since June, a few other people told me they received the same email, not knowing I had gotten it. They were telling me because, well, they knew how she’d treated me and I guess they wanted me to feel better knowing that she was a fraud. I also sent it to someone who had issues with her as I did, and we both agreed that we would just leave it alone and let whatever was to happen, happen. The other night, yet another person who had been subjected to her random, unnecessary attacks received the same email. Whoever is the “mole” knows exactly who to send the information to. He decided to drop the information on the TL. Here’s where I went wrong and where I will admit every single wrong thing that I did.

I joined in. I egged him on. He and I are friends and when she went for him, I was PISSED for him. I knew about the link to the information because several of us got it, discussed it at length behind the scenes, even considered releasing it at different points in time. I even said, she has ONE more time to fuck with me and I’m letting it all out. She did fuck with me, more than once, and I talked myself out of it. I just couldn’t do it.

A while back, I’d come across some of her old blogs about various traumas and bad experiences she had growing up back home, and for whatever stupid reason, I pitied her. I knew she was basically a hurt woman who had been through hell and was lashing out at the world around her. So many people who know her kept telling me “Michelle, she is just miserable. That’s it. She is a miserable, hurting person”. Maybe I reminded her of someone and that’s why she latched onto attacking me for years, I don’t know. I don’t need to “expose” those blogs; they’re open to the public. Despite all of the bullshit, she is actually a talented writer and the social worker in me connected to what she’d experienced. I’ll even admit one of her blogs brought a tear to my eye.  I’m really fucked up smh.

I’d recently been tweeting about how I wouldn’t be responsible for someone’s downfall, because mannnnn I wanted to release the information SO BAD. Like, you don’t even know. In a way I think I was tweeting myself out of it. I wanted to watch her crumble because she and her folks have hurt me so much over the years. But I was like, if I do this, I’ll be just like her. I’ll be lashing out because someone has been hurting me.

Yes, hurt.

Spreading lies and calling me a bad mother HURTS. I love my son above anyone and anything else in this world and for you to spend years talking about how I have to ask permission to see him, how I’m an unfit mother, etc… I could have whupped her ass at any point and been totally justified. I’d even seen her once or twice at events and she was all fake smiles and it took everything in me to not punch her in the mouth. Again, that whole “take the high road” and “be the better person” that everyone expects me to be, right? I also knew that were the tables turned, she would not have hesitated a single moment to expose me. Why was I protecting her?

Well, whoever sent it to me knew, and was counting on me to be the one to drop it. I’m still convinced it is one of them, someone in the circle, but that is neither here nor there.  I didn’t. Other didn’t. I’m sure he wasn’t going to bother, but oh well. We all have our moments. I egged him on. I joined in. I asked him if there was a link, knowing there was one, to encourage him to tweet it out. I shouldn’t have. I DMd someone who had prior issues with this woman and told her to RT his TL.

Listen, I was delighting in this. Despite my best intentions, I delighted in it. I 100% admit that I was enjoying watching her get “dragged” the way she has dragged COUNTLESS people online, including myself and people I care about. I should have kept my mouth shut. I should’t have tried to get others to join in, whether or not they had issues with her in the past. People were already RTing and spreading it fast, so it wasn’t even necessary.

But I did. In the moment, I got caught up and acted in some of the most petty ways I’ve ever done.

And it was fucked up as hell. I won’t even try to act like it wasn’t. I won’t even call it a mistake because I knew what I was doing at the time. No, I didn’t expect the DMs to be revealed (whoever does?) and I also deleted my TL because when it was all said and done, I was like this isn’t me. This isn’t what I’m about. This is entirely too personal for me, I’m too close to this, and I’m letting people see my pain and pettiness all in one. So I wiped my TL and went on about my business.

I apologized to the woman to whom I sent the DMs because she and I were cool, I thought. She’d come to me for another issue and I tried to help out and be supportive. I figured she would understand that it wasn’t about me trying to get her to do my dirty work, but more about me giving her ammo, as she had been subject to shade and such. That was stupid of me and childish and petty. A lot of things people said were right.


  • I did not go to Bossip and give them information. I can’t stand that site and when I saw the article, I cringed. I thought it went too far, but she’d spent enough time attacking them, I guess they got fed up too.
  • It was suggested that I anonymously post it on Lipstick Alley, which I’d never heard of, but was told there were a lot of people who hated her there. I didn’t.
  • I did not send myself and others the original email. I wouldn’t even think to Google her to find out bad things, thought that was kinda crafty, I must say. I didn’t even know her real name. I was in just as much shock to receive it as others. I even responded to the send that it was shady to send it, but funny.
  • I did not spend months plotting this with or without said gentleman. This was literally an in-the-heat-of-the-moment thing that night. Unlike her and her friends, I don’t spend days focused on how I’m going to attack her and drag her.
  • I am not fucking Chad Ochocinco (I don’t even know why that came up).
  • I don’t raise my son via FaceTime. I do send his SIMs to work in the morning on the days he is with his dad or other family, with whom he’s been spending the bulk of his summer this year.
  • I haven’t “let feminism down”. Being attacked for years and reacting isn’t a commentary on feminism. I’m not sure how anyone can convince themselves anyone should someone mistreating them and not respond because of “feminism”. I would give a feminist asswhupping when deserved and if necessary, though I try my best to avoid fighting so I don’t end up on World Star Hip Hop.

Rise above, rise above, you’re supposed to be above it all, right? Right? That’s what everyone says as people take jabs and daggers at you all day long day in and day out, week after week, month after month, year after year. How much is one supposed to stand? I have one time “reacting” and suddenly I’m solely to blame? For real? Ok.

All of the other conflated nonsense that came along, I know was for LOLs and RTs and such. Most people who joined in don’t care about either one of us and they just wanted to egg on and instigate a fight. I get it. It sucks but it is normal on Twitter. Every other day, someone is being “Dragged” for something and it is usually the same people involved, men and women alike. There are people who are loyal to folks they’ve never met and will pile on even without having facts. The funniest part was when someone was chastising someone else and said “Get your facts straight. Feministajones gave the information to Bossip”. Chile, please.

I wrote all of this to open up about the bullying I’ve been subjected to by a small group of people who, for whatever reason, find me to be an easy target. They know I’m not willing to risk the work that I do or the safety and wellbeing of my child by responding, so they can attack at will, then play victim when it turns on them. This time, it turned on her, because information a number of us were sitting on finally got out. My gaffe became the perfect deflection. And now, it is being made to seem like I orchestrated the entire thing.

I didn’t.

But I played a part.

I’m 34 years old and I got caught up in a petty battle with someone who has never been worth my time or energy. Many of you reading this have watched it all happen. You’ve watched the daggers being thrown over the years. You’ve watched me say nothing. You’ve watched me “rise above”. You’ve told me to shake it off and ignore it. You’ve told me not to risk everything I was building for myself as a writer. You told me to focus on being the “better person”.

Did anyone say anything to her and her people like “Hey, lay off, enough is enough”?

I wasn’t the better person this time, but I’m not the one she needs to worry about. Someone else has it out for her, someone much closer to her than I’d ever care to be. That someone is very interested in seeing her fall and wants others to do the dirty work. I hate that I had anything to do with it.

I’d like to move on, but understand why some folks might not want to rock with me anymore.

This is just my side.








27 thoughts on “The Day I Gave In And Got Petty”

  1. I love how truthful you are & understand what its like to be stuck on the “high road” while dodging daggers. Takes a strong person to keep above it & even bigger person to admit when they ve submitted to emotions. I pray for your peace & hope this only fuels you to become better.


  2. No one wants to hear your BS excuse. You plotted against this woman for 3 motherfuggin years?!?!?! Take that hurt to Jesus, lay it at his feet. You’re a failure of a person and I wish you nothing but the WORST.

    1. 3 years when the report hasn’t been out three years? Lol comical. This must be one of crissles friends. Obviously it is. Peace be with you. As mean and negative as you are you will need it. How do you wish someone bad? Grow up and move on! Geez

      1. That went right over your pretty little head. I didn’t say she had the info for 3 years, I said she was harboring and waiting. you know what? Forget it.

        1. No. And even though this entire thing has consumed your big head (bc you’re a know it all), YOU can’t let it consume YOU! You can’t put that assumption on others just because you’re evil like that. If someone was taunting me like crissles has(fact), then I would’ve done worse. Stick with facts sweetie MJ- we know who u are

    2. “You plotted against this woman for 3 motherfuggin years?!?!?!”

      That’s something you should be saying to Crissle. Everybody who follows them both knows Crissle and her homeboys have been launching grenades forever. Get off her dick like she tells her followers to.

  3. There are two-sides of every story and I don’t believe yours. I saw this play out over twitter, and you were just as messy as you claim she is. I don’t need faux women empowerment/apology. Save it for Bossip!!

    1. So the section where I said I was messy and petty….you skimmed over it?

      Apology? There was no apology here, not a direct one to anyone in particular. It was me admitting to being petty and childish.

      Thanks for reading!

  4. I’m asking this from a view of social interaction no malice or hate.

    I understand being hurt and not wanting to “attack back’ but did you ever think to SAY SOMETHING TO HER? Two grown women who didn’t necessarily hit it off at first should have been able to talk it out. You said you were confused as to what made her dislike you so much. You made assumptions. You never sought out the answer in three years.
    You weren’t “rising above” you were avoiding conflict with someone you didn’t understand, nor did she understand you.
    She was wrong, very wrong. There is no getting around that fact.
    But I think the issue here is that adults didn’t speak to each other. They hid behind keyboards and friends of friends. you admitted waiting for people to defend you and your honor as a good human being. You could have defended your own honor.
    I think it was very brave of you to admit your actions in this recent event but you have to also own your INaction prior to it.
    I’m sorry but as this unfolds I’m noticing everyone is sidestepping the fact that they refused to communicate with the other side.

    1. I didn’t address her because I didn’t see the point in trying to communicate with someone who was so unnecessarily mean. Like, why? Ask her “Hey, why do you keep shitting on me damn near every day when I haven’t done anything to you?” or “Why do you keep spreading lies and falsehoods about my life when you know nothing about me?” I asked those questions of people who KNOW her, probably to the wrong people now that I think about it, and got the same answers over and over “She’s sad” “She’s miserable” “She is lashing out because she’s depressed” “You rubbed her the wrong way” “She’s fixated on you because you won’t clap back” “you’re an easy target”etc etc etc. I figured her FRIENDS should know her, right? I was hoping if I ignored her, she’d get over me after a while, not go on for years.

      It’s NOT normal to obsess over someone for years because s/he rubbed you the wrong way. That is not the behavior of the well-adjusted. And as I said, it wasn’t just her, it was several people, people who’d never met me or maybe met me once but showed no outright problem with me. Why didn’t she come to me directly instead of spending years taking shots on Twitter? I never responded to the digs publicly because I didn’t want to go there and I wasn’t interested in pleading with someone hellbent on being a jerk for no reason. It became a hobby for her, it seems. Something fun to do for shits and giggles. Just as I’ve seen her, she’s seen me. Never once said any of the things she says on line to my face.

      Sure I wanted ppl to stand up for me at some point, people close to her, but then I stopped wanting that, as I wrote. This aint anyone’s burden but mine.

      1. ~I didn’t address her because I didn’t see the point in trying to communicate with someone who was so unnecessarily mean. Like, why? Ask her “Hey, why do you keep shitting on me damn near every day when I haven’t done anything to you?” or “Why do you keep spreading lies and falsehoods about my life when you know nothing about me?~

        Exactly. That is what you should have done. Bullies don’t expect people to step directly in their face.

        You are admitting that you ASSUMED her response. And that you relied on secondhand information to figure her out. This is my point. If you decided to actually rise above it and speak directly to her maybe just maybe this could have been avoided and you could have saved yourself some mental anguish.
        As a social worker(former? I don’t know so I don’t want to be incorrect in my assertion) you should know that admitting your entire role in a bad situation is where you start to fix a problem.
        Just as she made assumptions about you, you did the same to her.

        “Don’t let people live in your mind rent free. Make them pay up or evict them”
        Much success to you in the future but I hope you learned more from this than “I shouldn’t be petty”

        1. Sorry I sound really accusatory. I just re read this and that is not my intent. I’t’s just I’ve been seeing the responses from all parties and I’ve gotten one fully owned admission of pettiness. One that ignores all outer forces and states facts of her situation that has been brought to the public light. And your explanation of why you were petty “this one time”. All should have said things directly to their opponent.
          I think that if you are asking your readers to forgive you for this, then you would want them to alert you to your own points of improvement.

          I have my own issues with people and i used to cower and wait it out. nothing happened to improve the situation. Then I spoke up for myself and saw things start to change. I lost some friends (20+ year friends) but I felt better because I said my peace and there was no mistaking where I stood.
          This is all just so…facsinating.

          1. I think your idealism is noteworthy, just highly unrealistic in this situation.

            I had a choice to confront or ignore. I’m a bit of a pacifist, so I opted to ignore.
            See, I’m a mother, and I’m not willing to risk going to jail for anyone unnecessarily.
            See my other comment about not fucking with people’s kids

            Thanks for commenting though

        2. I also didn’t want to be put into a position where I might have felt compelled to whup her ass. So, there’s that. If you want me to keep it 100.

          You just don’t bring people’s kids into things. People with half a brain know that. Folks kirk out over their children. I’m no different.

          Yes, I learned a lot more than “I shouldn’t be petty”

          Way more.
          A lot of people are learning a whole lot.

          1. Now THAT I can completely understand. I’m a weakling but I will scratch your eyes out if you speak sideways about my family.

  5. Lol @ people expecting YOU to rationalize with an idiot bully. She’s not that tough in person, either. I’ve met her enough times to know. She is awkward and weird.

  6. I have no stones to cast for I’m not without my own sin.
    Hey. When shit happens, I just choose to wipe.
    It’ll eventually go away.
    Keep pushin’. One direction. —>

  7. Good thing Crystal Rene Townsend is catching up on OITNB. She will need to know how to handle the studs when she is locked up. Anyone who thinks that paying yourself via PayPal with a company credit card for some snacks you were no longer baking or shipping is an idiot. Crystal sold everything including appliances prior to leaving Oklahoma. I am not convinced that Crystal did not recognize an additional $700 in her account until the state auditors contacted her for receipts and documentation to support the charges, She was the sole owner of and the only one authorized to use the company credit card(s) based on the auditor report. So now she is stating that the same people she did not trust or talk to at Marginal Wells charged SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS worth of cupcakes/brownies on her state issued company credit card to her personal company via Paypal.

    Crystal made travel plans at the cost of the tax payers to see Beyonce at Revel, find a place to live in New York and then fell asleep during most of the concert. I wonder if the alcohol she consumed prior to the concert was to drown out some of the guilt. Nope. There are additional charges after the Beyonce Labor Day weekend that are considered as “questionable” or “fraud.”

    Crystal traveled to Houston for a conference using tax payer dollars but did not attend the conference.

    The Atlanta comference was selected around her birthday so she could celebrate with friends during that same time.

    Walmart and ITunes expenditures appear to be excessive. Plenty of snacks and Beyonce music??

    Crystal Rene Townsend need to understand that Scott Pruitt’s office will not allow her to pay $700 back to avoid jail time. In fact his website states “Our office is dedicated to fighting corruption, protecting Oklahoma’s vulnerable citizens and advocating excellence in administration of the law, justice and protecting the interests of the great state of Oklahoma and it citizens.”

    “Words….Mean….Things. It is so simple.” Be honest with yourself and admit you committed FRAUD.

    If the State Attroney General Office contacted you via twitter, they probably have subpoenaed your tweets prior to you deleting them. Don’t underestimate the government.

    Crystal I know you are looking forward to the next episode of “The Read” and so are we. One thing to remember is you shouldn’t share everything on twitter. Obviously it’s not worth it. I know your family will stick by you but will also be very disappointed at the same damn time.

    Oh and stop shading people for no reason. If you don’t like them just hit the block button and keep it moving. Hurry and block them now since it will be harder to do from jail, unless you employ the Kat Stacks method.

  8. I would chime in on the shade too if I was with crissle when she was spending that government money on hotels I stayed at and cars I rode around in. I’d be fighting really hard against any and all accusations, because I’d be scared of getting caught up in the investigation or being seen as an accomplice. Ive also followed fj and crissle for at least 2 years and while i don’t always agree with fem, I can say that crissle and her friends seem to always go in on her. I unfollowed crissle for a while and came back and it was the same thing. I just figured maybe she and fj had some fight offline or something. If what fj says is true, that they never had a real beef, then crissle is just as crazy as people say she is.

    FJ fucked up but not like I think people are making this out to be. And TRishy was fucked up for having her man release the DMs and pretending she didn’t put him up to it JUST like she says she was mad at fj for trying to do. Thisseems like it is a distraction from the truth of the matter that Crissle stole thousands from the government and spent it on herself and her friends and stupid shit. Itunes? Walmart? she paid her damned self. How stupid can you be? Why did she delete thousands of tweets when it got out if she did nothing wrong? I dont fuck with fj like that but I agree, it’s one of her friends. Someone who can’t stand her and probably someone who has either been VERY vocal during this whole thing (protesting too much) or VERY silent.


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    going through some of the articles I realized
    it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I
    discovered it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back often!

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