The Perfect Gift

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Hello everyone!

‘Tis the season to become overly consumed with gift-giving and receiving and I wanted to make sure the ladies had some gift ideas for that special man in their lives… from a Knob-Slobbing Feminism mind ;)

I want to provide a list of gifts for every price range and I hope you find something that works for you, either this year or next.

Sports Packages

Nothing says, “Honey, I support your love of sports” than a cable package that allows him complete access to all of the games in his favorite sport. Depending on when the season begins, you can sign up for it and surprise him. If you live together, it is easy to do because you can make changes to your cable. If you don’t leave with him, but know his address and cable company (which you should know), call them up and explain that you want to surprise him with a gift of the service.

Then, cook him a nice dinner and give him the money for it in a nice card with a note explaining what you’ve done :) If he is more into periodic things like boxing, why not pay for him to host a Fight Party? You can pay for the fight, cook up some food, and play hostess while he and his friends enjoy a night of boxing. For more information, see:

NFL Sunday Ticket

NBA League Pass

NHL Center Ice

MLB Extra Innings

Game Tickets

Know his favorite sports team? Buy him some tickets to a home game or when they will be playing locally. If you’ve got the resources, send him to go see his favorite team play at home (travel + hotel). Go with him. The excitement post-game will lead to AMAZING sex.

Check out or go directly to the website for the team and/or arena see what is available.

Authentic Throwback Jersey/Memorabilia

Some men are avid collectors of sports memorabilia and realize the value in owning certain items like throwback jerseys. You can visit Mitchell & Ness who are well-respected in the industry for having great memorabilia. You can also visit and do a search. The more unique the better. On two different occasions, I found unique jerseys for men. One was from the Kansas City Kings. You’re like Who?? Yeah… exactly. Before Sacramento, they were in Kansas City. The guy’s uncle played for them. Another was an Alex English jersey for a man who used his name as a hip-hop moniker. I listened and came up with the gift ideas that way. Be prepared to drop some $$ though, as the authentic ones are not cheap. You can also look into other artifacts from his favorite sport or athletes, past or present.

Erotic Calendar/Photobook

This is a gift for BOTH of you. Every woman should experience an erotic photo shoot. It does not matter what size, shape, color, age (18+) you are, you can and should invest in an erotic photo shoot. It is empowering, confidence-boosting, and an amazing gift for the man in your life. You will love the way you feel during the shoot and when you see the photos.

You can come up with the themes and purchase the necessary “costumes”. It doesn’t HAVE to be lingerie, but the visual should be appealing in a sensual/sexual way. Find a reputable photographer in your area or via word of mouth if you want to go all out OR if you’re saving money, have a friend do it! You can do the set-up yourself, your own make-up and maybe mimick some poses you’ve seen in other photos that you find enticing.

Once the pictures are taken, you can do a number of things. You can use a service like Snapfish to put together a bound photo book, adding little erotic captions under the photos or maybe a poem. You can put together a calendar, with each picture being a different theme, maybe correlated to the month (season, holidays, etc). For his birthday month, go ahead and take a picture in your birthday suit ;)

I don’t know many men who wouldn’t love this gift.

I’ve done it ;)

A Spicier Bedroom

Before you balk (I’m talking to the men reading, most women have their own toys…), open your mind and appreciate the value of adding toys to your bedroom. Sure, you guys might think you’re doing the damn thing… but chances are, you’re not. Hey, I’m not hating on your sex life, I’m just saying you could probably stand to sexy it up a bit. There is ALWAYS room for growth!

Choose your level of sexy:

Amateurmassage oils/massagers, aroma therapy,  edible body paint/underwear, or maybe some light, educational porn. Everyone has to start somewhere :) (Can you just make sure you’re sucking his dick? I mean… that’s just a given, right?)

Intermediate Freakin‘ — This is for people interested in doing more in bed beyond the sensual. You’re ready to just be freaky, but you’re not quite at the level of hard-core freakin’. Don’t feel like that’s a bad thing though… everything isn’t for everybody. Try some light Sensation Play (blind folds, handcuffs, candle wax, nipple clamps, bondage rope, small vibrators).  Watch some XXX porn together, for the excitement and for some ideas of things to try.

Bonafide — This is for people who have more “deviant” desires and wish to explore more beyond what’s socially acceptable.You’re nasty. He’s nasty. You both know it and you’ve tapped along the edges, but you’re ready to go balls to the wall (maybe literally… hey, I’m not judging) and you want to just indulge in your carnal desires. You want to plan an AMAZING, unforgettable night of sexual hedonism. You’ve both talked about  and now you’re ready to give him a great gift.

Maybe… you let him finally fuck you in the ass… you let him cum on your face… you suck his dick while he is driving (or while he’s watching the game with his friends… hey… just go with it lol)… you go to a sex/swingers club or BDSM dungeon…you sneak him into a public bathroom panty-less and let him get all up in it… you let him tie you up and take out some aggression… you invite in another woman…

***Note: Threesomes are NOT a requirement of Knob-Slobbing Feminism. A threesome is not anything a woman or man should feel compelled to do under any circumstances. A threesome is merely an option for taking your sex life to a different level and many people engage in them and have positive experiences. I know MANY men who are against threesomes,  so don’t think all men are into them. They aren’t… often because they don’t want you coming back with “So, can I invite another man in?” LOL (… but some men are… don’t sleep!)

Do NOT have a threesome if you are the jealous type, the possessive type, the insecure type, or the paranoid type. If you regularly check his cell phone and email, you don’t need to have a threesome. If you’re worried about him liking the other woman more than you, you don’t need to have a threesome. But if you two have discussed it and you’ve agreed it is something you’d like to explore, by all means, make it happen this holiday season! Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like two sexy women, sprawled on a bed, wrapped in nothing but big red bows! OWWWW! *snaps*

These are just a few gift ideas. This is not an exhaustive list, but just some ideas from the KSFem perspective :)

Ladies: What are some “Perfect Gift” ideas you have?

Gentlemen: What are some of the BEST gifts you’ve received from women?


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10 Responses to “The Perfect Gift”

  1. zaidah says:

    I’m currently single, but I will be keeping these very creative ideas in mind for him!


    • KSFem says:

      I’m glad you mentioned being single. There are some things that single women can do to attract the attention of a man they’ve had a thing for or had their eye on. A nice greeting card with two tickets to a basketball game (if he’s into that) is a nice way to find a place on his mind.

      Or, if you’re dating and not in a relationship, but want to do something “different”, it is just a matter of exploring options and thinking outside of the box. Everyone does the cologne, clothing, video game, electronics/gadgets thing. I think men get used to that and while they are appreciative, sometimes doing something different stands out :)

  2. Nicole says:

    Good ideas, pricey ideas.

    If you have the means go for it! (women like jerseys as well…jes sayin’)

    We should not forget that men are sentimental as well.

    The best Christmas gift I ever gave was a sno globe. Yes I gave a man a sno globe.

    What made it special was that I remembered a story about a pet from his youth, and the story about that pet, was captured in the sno globe.

    It looked like his pet, and was doing the exact same things he described this pet doing.

    He could not believe that I’d not only remembered the story, but that I was able to duplicate that exact moment in time.

    • KSFem says:

      I think that’s precious!!
      Yes, men are often very sentimental, especially when it comes to gifts.

      I think it is important to remember that gifts should come from LISTENING to men and making mental notes of the things they say they like or things you know they’re into.

      Sports tickets don’t have to be pricey… you don’t need courtside or skybox tickets.

      With the photoshoot, as I said, you can get a friend to take the pictures for FREE and Snapfish books will run about $40 on average.

      And the night of hedonistic sex is only as costly as you make it!

      Thanks for your comment :)

  3. ~Saki~ says:

    Great gift ideas! One of the many ways that I’ve surprised my Husband in the past was a gift of a full day at the spa. Now of course He balked at the idea, but once the deep tissue massage started, and the mud bath was in full swing…well…let’s just say He now looks forward to a quarterly spa day!

    It wasn’t expensive at all…and it’s one of the things that We enjoy doing together!

  4. Mr. Cunning Linguist says:

    My FIRST birthday party given to me ever….she surpised me with that…..then to top it off she got me…..Endzone Tickets to a Dallas Cowboys Game….IN DALLAS….. for my 30th Birthday.

    Surprise birthday trip to….LAS VEGAS for my 36th bday.

    Shes fucking awesome i tell ya!!!

  5. Mr. Cunning Linguist says:

    My bad I sorta forgot…..for my 25th BDay she ok’d us going to a swing club in the city and we actually brought a couple home…and we both FUCKED them royally….

    Wicked Smile

  6. VegasSeven says:

    Fantastic ideas!!!! Keep these in mind!!!!!

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