Greetings Beloveds!

I can’t believe I’ve written another book. It’s surreal, still. I’m so excited because I’ve wanted to share some things I’ve been working on but wasn’t sure how best to do so. Then, I quit my job, embraced the idea of a “break”, remembered the holidays are coming, and decided to release this project I’ve been working on (for a long time)–NOW!

I worked with one of my favorite artists, Niki Irene, on the cover; she really heard what I was trying to say and created a vision for this book.

My hope is that something between the covers resonates with you and that you’re moved to share it with someone else.

As always, I appreciate all of the support!





The Secret of Sugar Water is a collection of poems by award-winning author, Feminista Jones.

From 2004 until the present, Feminista Jones has written pieces here and there, grabbing lines and inspiration from the world around her. Now, she offers a short collection of works from over more than a decade of writing. From motherhood to protest, womanhood to love, from Haiku to free verse, Jones offers a glimpse into the creative corners of her mind with her first poetry chapbook.

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