4 thoughts on “Video: Single Women Are NOT Evil”

  1. Love this video!!! So glad you made a video about this because I’ve been seeing so many negative comments and pictures about women. This needed to be said. kudos

  2. FJ, thanks for putting this up. You articulated much of what’s been in my mind as of late, since I’m walking this right now (especially being told by male “friends” who say they’re “just looking out” for me). It’s hard not to internalize the feeling that something must be wrong with me, even though (rationally) I know better. Seriously, thanks again.

  3. I came here after seeing you tweet about this video. I’m 23 years old, and ALREADY there is a stigma attached to me because I am single. I’m a senior about to graduate, i’m intelligent, beautiful, etc. and I also choose to be single. I left my last relationship, because my then boyfriend and I got into a physical fight, and I couldn’t allow it to continue. Yet, somehow, I have become, not only “crazy”, but “bitter”, because I am single, while he is now with someone else. I hate it. It’s disgusting to me, that I have these new stigmas attatched to me, as if my “box” is somehow directly related to my relationship status, I am so glad you made this video, and to know that i’m not alone in my annoyance with the Black young men I defend so often. Thanks so much for posting this.

  4. THANK YOU! I love everything about this and your blog! There are so many people in unhealthy or
    co-dependent relationships, yet something must be wrong with me because I choose to be single and not settle?!..What-the fuck-ever! I hate hearing “try harder or maybe you should just put myself out there” maybe I’m just not putting myself out there enough because I need to focus on my job and school. Cenetta is right ..the single women who doesn’t want a man or isn’t completely focused on finding a mean needs to stop being stigmatized.. Am I single yes. Do I eventually want a healthy relationship? of course. Does that make me a desperate, and/or a bitter crazy man-hater? no.
    Its so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel with this. Sometimes dealing with both men and women my age (24) is exhausting, especially when there is such a since of self-worth place on your marital status and growing up is associated with making a serious commit to someone. I needed a reminder of everything you talked about so again THANK YOU!

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