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**I lost many videos when I deleted an old YouTube account so a lot of your favorite content, and MINE, is gone. Let’s cry together…**


Women’s History Month Keynote at Regis University

Women’s History Month Keynote at Swarthmore

Black Feminism Didn’t Destroy The Black Family

On American Gun Violence

Police Brutality: We Can’t Forget [Anyone Who Isn’t a Cisgender Hetero Man]

Guest Lecture at Murray State University on Black Feminism and Online Activism

“Flare” by Nikki Finney (recited for Chicago Alliance to Free Marissa Alexander)

Sex Positive Messages in 40 Years of Hip-Hop Culture

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The Rules of Threesomes

“All About Anal”

Fear of The Independent Woman

No Shame: We’re Here To Help

In The Wake Of Tragedy

Ask Feminista: Cheating on a Two-Minute Man

If You Won’t Do It, The Next Woman Will

Ask Feminista: How Do I Get Into The Life?

Why Must I Chase The Cat?

Single Women are NOT Evil

Speak Ya Mind, Fam!