Who is Feminista Jones?


I think of myself as a post-modern sex-positive, Black feminist woman, which basically means that I’m multi-faceted, at least in my expression of myself and my embodiment of feminism. I exist in a new era of critical thinking and self-identification. I promote the positive aspects of sex, sexuality, and sexual liberation. I’m Black and my race/culture inform an enormous amount of my values and perspectives. I am a feminist and as such, I believe that men and women should be treated equally and granted equal access to resources such as education, employment, government, etc. I am a woman. My idea of womanhood and femininity is my own and I own it.

I’m a woman who listens. I’m a woman who thinks critically. Sometimes, people pull ideas out of nowhere and try to substantiate them with anecdotal “evidence”. That doesn’t work for me. When I observe a pattern or trend in behaviors, I do some research to see if the conclusions I’ve drawn are remotely true. If I’m totally off-base, I chuck the idea until I find more information to validate my theories.

I’m a woman of strength. I think that’s different than the idea of a “Strong Woman” that people often toss around… and resent. I’m a woman who has been through a LOT in life and has triumphed despite the obstacles in my path. I’m a woman who recognizes her insecurities and weaknesses and doesn’t try to pretend they don’t exist when in the company of others. I think it takes strength to be honest with yourself and others. I’m a woman who pushes through the hardest of times and tries to make a way out of no way. I allow myself to experience vulnerability and not have that take away from the strength that is still within me.

I’m a lover. I love myself, I love others. I love the beauty of life and I love examining and critiquing the ugly parts.

Astrologically, I have an Aries sun sign, a Leo moon sign, and a Taurus rising. It explains a lot. Read more: http://www.sagittarianmind.com/2013/01/aries-sun-leo-moon.html?showComment=1358807407428#c5610777111268964460

I’m over 30. This is key. People have to live a bit of life before they can speak about life. Just my opinion…

I’m divorced. I’m a mom.

I am not perfect. But…

I know a little something about a lot of some things.

I’m just me :)




Formalities ‘n shit:

Feminista Jones is a mental health social worker, sex-positive feminist writer, public speaker, and community activist from New York City. She is an award-winning blogger and author of the popular erotic thriller, Push The Button.  With a focus on women’s health and well-being, specifically in areas of mental and sexual health, she is currently the Love & Sex section editor at BlogHer.com and former sex columnist at Ebony.com.  Feminista has been featured in several online publications, notably as a contributor to Salon.com and TIME.com, and she has been syndicated in TheRoot.com and TheGriot.com. For two years, she hosted a sex-positive feminist podcast called This Week In Blackness: After Dark, which discussed topics related to sex and sexuality, race, and feminism

Feminista has been regularly featured on Huffingpost Live, has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show and the Exhale Show, and her work has been featured on C-SPAN and MSNBC. In 2013, Feminista was selected as a United Nations Foundation Fellow for her dynamic social media influence. In 2014, she launched a global anti-street harassment campaign (#YouOKSis) and a National Moment of Silence protesting police brutality (#NMOS14), both of which received international media attention. For this work, she was awarded the 2014 Black Weblog Award for Outstanding Online Activism. Feminista has presented at various conferences at universities and, in 2014,  she was honored as one of the Top 100 Black Social Influencers by The Root. Feminista is also a mom, a mentor to young girls, and vocal advocate for the homeless.

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