Who is FJ?

I think of myself as a post-modern sex-positive, Black feminist woman, which basically means that I’m multi-faceted, at least in my expression of myself and my embodiment of feminism. I exist in a new era of critical thinking and self-identification. I promote the positive aspects of sex, sexuality, and sexual liberation. I’m Black and my race/culture inform an enormous amount of my values and perspectives. I am a feminist and as such, I believe that men and women should be treated equally and granted equal access to resources such as education, employment, government, etc. I am a woman. My idea of womanhood and femininity is my own and I own it.

I’m a woman who listens. I’m a woman who thinks critically. Sometimes, people pull ideas out of nowhere and try to substantiate them with anecdotal “evidence”. That doesn’t work for me. When I observe a pattern or trend in behaviors, I do some research to see if the conclusions I’ve drawn are remotely true. If I’m totally off-base, I chuck the idea until I find more information to validate my theories.

I’m a woman of strength. I think that’s different than the idea of a “Strong Woman” that people often toss around… and resent. I’m a woman who has been through a LOT in life and has triumphed despite the obstacles in my path. I’m a woman who recognizes her insecurities and weaknesses and doesn’t try to pretend they don’t exist when in the company of others. I think it takes strength to be honest with yourself and others. I’m a woman who pushes through the hardest of times and tries to make a way out of no way. I allow myself to experience vulnerability and not have that take away from the strength that is still within me.

I’m a lover. I love myself, I love others. I love the beauty of life and I love examining and critiquing the ugly parts.

Astrologically, I have an Aries sun sign, a Leo moon sign, and a Taurus rising. It explains a lot. Read more here.

I’m over 35. This is key. People have to live a bit of life before they can speak about life. Just my opinion…

I’m divorced. I’m a mom.

I am not perfect. But…

I know a little something about a lot of some things.

I’m just me 🙂




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