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There are so many ways you can support Feminista Jones and her work. Over the years, she has received a ton of support from her friend, family, and fans and it has been the best part of her work–knowing people care and are affected in positive ways.

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Most days are great and fulfilling. Some days, it gets tough. Send Feminista some positive words. Reach out through the contact page.

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Feminista began producing content on Patreon in early 2018. Monthly pledges help support her freelance writing efforts in between commissions from major publications. For as low as $1/mo, you can access her articles and other perks.

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Read an article you love? Share it with friends. Read an awesome tweet? Retweet it. Love her FB posts? Share and repost them. All of these things help spread the messages and connect her with wider audiences.

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As a writer, the biggest support one can give is purchasing her books, reading them, and leaving positive reviews on places like Amazon and Goodreads.

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Your positive energy fuels her energy. Join the audience of an event near you and show love. 

Be mindful… hugs are only given with her consent.